Steven Cao

Steven Cao

The intensive strength training and intensive weight lifting is the prime source to make a person leaner and stronger. The majority of people and celebrities undergo transform their bodies. Some people get fame after this transformation. The incredible bodybuilding becomes the reason for their fame. Some celebrities do bodybuilding to get fame and they become fitness models. Gaining muscles mass is not only healthy but it provides long-lasting health benefits. It contributes to better and healthy bones.  This strength training helps to control bone loss as a person ages. It adds strength to your workout. By reducing sarcopenia, it improves fat-free body mass. The lean muscle mass reduces as the age, if a person does not add strength training then this mass will change into fat. Other than, these health benefits, the majority of the stars go for this transformation to attain attractive body. Why and how did Steven Cao transform his body?

About Steven Cao:

He is one of the famous American professional Men’s Physique bodybuilders, personal trainers, and fitness model. On the stage of bodybuilding, after a year of his debut, he started to perform in pro circuit. He was a sportsman and played basketball in his childhood. It was his favorite game. After the age of 16, he started giving time in the gym and short time playing basketball. He is extremely terrible when he plays his final shot in the ring and that is it. His incredible style of playing the game in the basketball was his spirit towards the game. He left basketball and indulged himself in the bodybuilding completely. After the efforts of years, he has become the fitness model.

steven cao

“Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.”

His journey was not simple because he saw several ups and downs with difficult challenges. At last, the time came when Steven Cao had suffered from an inguinal hernia. He faced all these difficulties. Today, he is a famous fitness icon on social media. Bodybuilding is his recognition today. According to him, work hard at everything that a person does is important because success takes care of itself.  His fans admire him for his great muscles and built up the body. With his challenging capacity, he had all the devices to assemble it and turn into an incredible bodybuilder. According to him, when life becomes difficult then the challenges become stronger. At this time, a person needs to remember beautiful destinations exist at the end of the difficult roads. This shows that how strong he is and how he has been facing the challenges of the life. He is never afraid of difficulties.

Full Name:  Steven Cao




Date of Birth

85 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)

5’10” (177.5cm) 23               


21 November 1994




Fitness Model, personal trainer, Men’s Physique competitor

Steven Cao Workouts Routine

Steven gets training in a way that allows him to sculpt aesthetic and ripped physique. His mission was to look like 70s bodybuilders, boasting of the ripped midsection, wide back, round and big shoulders and small waist. To hit this target, Steven Cao starts training 5 or 6 days a week. His exercises were long consisting of ninety to one hundred fifty minutes. It allows him to train with high-volume. He has built his social media presence on the bodybuilding stage. He has developed his online recognition. On his social media profile, you can enjoy his entire bodybuilding journey. In the result, he gained the huge recognition around the globe.

steven cao workouts

When he came to know that his fans bank had been increasing day by day when he decided to be a personal trainer. His lifestyle advice and fitness heal have since assisted people get healthy, fit and strong. He competed against the professionals and won the pro card. He performed his exercises in this way.

  • 8-12 reps in 4 sets by standing on Lat Pushdown
  • 8-12 reps in 4sets by seating cable rows
  • 6-8 reps in 4 sets Lat Pulldown
  • 6-8 reps in 4 sets T-Bar Rows
  • 6-12 reps in 4 sets Single-arm Row machine
  • 8-12 reps in 4 sets pull ups

Significance of Steven Cao’s Workout

He used Lat pull down to build his body. It was his great decision. The lat pull-down provides really great fitness facilities with supportive and enthusiastic workout facilities. It offers 100% modern techniques with innovative Gym facilities for a truly great workout. It makes fitness journey easy and simple to avail the chance to attain health and fitness. With the modern equipment, the workout becomes convenient, affordable and simple for all the clients. People of every age can get the benefit of this upper body strength exercise. It targets the upper back. This exercise improves the core and stability in the lower back.

According to the reviews of the users, the incredible thing about lat pulldown machine is that it is highly convenient to assemble. The frame of the Lat Pull-down machine comes in the way that makes it more comfortable to use. This factor reduces Steven’s effort and increases his output in a very short period.

steven cao transformations

“The only competition you have is yourself. Always work to become a better version of yourself and never compare yourself to others. You are your own craft of work.”

He says doing work out on the modern machines was a good experience these are very easy to use and pull the rods as per your convenience and height. The height of the rods is wonderful and the 16 inches wheels are making it more classic. Pulling strings is a memorable experience for those who are fond of the intensive workout. Steven Cao guides as fitness that using the technical ways and the efficient machine for working out on regular basis you will get immediate results. Now you can calculate your burnt calories during a workout. It does not need to bother about the matter how many calories you need to burn. It is a common issue users forget their exact amount of workout.

Steven Cao’s Diet

Steven takes the simple and clean diet. Rice and chicken are his basic diet. He says that it is a plain diet but he uses to eating these ingredients. He loved to eat cheat meals like sushi. The diets of the bodybuilders consist of protein, low carb food, and low fats. They need a healthy and good diet to build their muscles in the better and good way. This factor helps in maintaining the good shape of their body. Fish, eggs, chicken are the food that is rich in protein. On the other hand, he uses rice that is full of carbohydrate.

The protein offers real health due to appropriate ingredients to the body. These ingredients do not have harmful components such as aspartame, saccharin, fructose and artificial colors. Looking for the protein-rich food with natural ingredients? Composing with natural sweeteners and other components these bars are entirely dynamic. It makes an excellent environment for fat burning and muscle growth. These bars contain essential amino acid and essential fatty acids.

steven cao bodybuilder

Bodybuilders use a variety of protein shakes or protein products for gaining weight. But, Steven Cao did not do so. He focused on taking protein because these items are excellent for people of all ages. It is one of the effective dietary nutrition. It provides the proper vitality to the whole body structure. Typically, bodybuilders; use it for elevating the stamina and boosting the strength level. Within the market, there is a huge variety of products are available in terms of supplements. He did not include these types of supplements in his diet. It offers sufficient amount of amino acid to energize the body. Protein bars are easy and instant carriers of protein. These are incredible to empower muscles quickly.

Steven Cao always focused on the low-calorie food. It is the property of the low-calorie food that it is good to maintain the fat level in the body very easily. It helps to maintain the cholesterol level in the blood. This is a perfect food for bodybuilders because it is equally beneficial for every weightlifter. In this way, he will be able to maintain your health as well as reduce fat very easily. These are all helpful in reducing weight by burning the molecules of fats. Diet plays a very important role to build up muscles, gain muscles mass and stores lean muscles. As a trainer, he focused on the healthy diet and suggested same others.

The journey to attain a muscular body is not very simple and easy. It needs consistency and regularity. Hitting the very tight gym, lifting heavy weights and doing reps are daunting tasks. It is enough to break someone’s determination in a week maximum. The people or stars that perform these exercises are incredible. Stars or celebrities build their body to increase their fan bank or to perform a specific character. For them, it is easy to put soul into the character they are going to play. Bodybuilding is wonderful to develop and control their musculature. This is the prime source to maintain strength in the body. A bodybuilder is not as strong as powerlifters in the three main lifts but they can close. Powerlifters are not endurance athletes. Read Also Victor Richards, Tom Coleman Fitness.

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