Anadrol Review – A Detailed Study for People Dreaming of Big Muscles

Anadrol Review – A Detailed Study for People Dreaming of Big Muscles

Appearances do matter a lot, whether you are taking a 100m run in front of thousands of spectators or displaying your physique in a bodybuilding contest. For this, a lot of men consult health experts or start taking supplements in order to give perfect shape to their bodies and gain immense strength. However, experts say that oral pills are then only safe and effective only when you know they are not reactive to your body. Here steroids play an active role and one such ideal example is Anadrol.

Reality Check

In reality, the first question that might bring you a frown is:

“How good or bad is Anadrol for me?”

Anadrol falls under the category of anabolic steroids that are usually consumed by people willing to build bodies. These comprise androgens that are aimed at regulating the masculine characteristics as they relate largely to development and maintenance. Although it is taken orally by most of its users, some prefer to inject it into their bodies for it races straight to the bloodstream without affecting the liver. But what some people are not aware of is its scientific name, Oxymetholone, which was earlier used to treat people suffering from anemia. However, according to many users, an overdose of this steroid has resulted in liver toxicity, terrible headaches and loss of appetite.

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History of Anadrol for Dilemmatic Users

Going through a review of a body supplement, especially an anabolic steroid like Anadrol, knowing its history is of prime importance. The first time it was heard was during the 60s when it was taken into consideration to be marketed under eminent brands, Anadrol 50 and Androyd by Syntex and Park Davis and Co., respectively. When it hit the market for the first time, it came as an alternative tobringing therapeutic benefits to people. To be precise, a lot of people has got incredible results for suffering from:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Underweight

Today, Anadrol is considered to be among the world’s most talked-about steroids known to build muscle mass in huge amounts. Some bodybuilders have even expressed excitement by stating that Anadrol has helped them build body muscles so big and fast in unlike other steroids. In fact, they have witnessed suchpositive results in the first week of their dosage. This is something extraordinary and it is clear from these facts that this anabolic steroid is super powerful.

Despite, questions pop up in regard to its overdose and side effects. Of course, steroids when taken more than what the body requires, will probably affect your body organs like anything. It can ruin your nights and can torture you during the daytime. So, the doctor’s recommendation is a must when it comes to taking Anadrol.


Well, in whichever manner your body reacts while taking Anadrol, let’s find out how it works inside to lend you more power:

  • Taking steroids means you are going to have rapid reactions in your body and Anadrol is no exception. It takes almost no time to build mass and thereafter you gain massive strength.
  • Being the sole DHT compounds, Anadrol does not contain any sort of aroma according to users. These DHT compounds are actually estrogenic and you need to regulate it by taking proper meals for avoiding excessive water retention.
  • Results are expected to be better if used in a complete stack and not as a base. A good number of users have found to be gaining rapid gainsby taking Anadrol as a base.
  • Users can also consider using it during the mid-cycle as this would not let your progress cross limits. Rather, it would slow down in comparison to what it was during the onset of the cycle. However, a slight change in progress can be brought into by means of training or diet.
  • Never use Anadrol twice in the same cycle as that might affect your liver to a good extent. As it is hepatotoxic in nature, using it to boost your mid-cycle is a big no, provided if you are planning to considerAdrol 50 for a kick-start.
  • As mentioned earlier, Anadrol users must be aware of how their body reacts, and accordingly, they must fix the dosage. Rather, they must have really good health while their body fat level should not be more than six percent.

Now while going through the above points, the question regarding side effects might strike a lot of users. Yes, it is reality and a universal truth that steroids are born with side effects. Anadrol too has not been deprived in this respect. Here is the checklist to have a quick look:

  • Prolonged use complications – Prolonged use has always been a big disadvantage for all steroid users, and the same is true for Anadrol. As a matter of fact, many Anadrol users have reported to be having encountered serious side effects. Many have also emphasized upon the food intake that makes a huge difference to one’s health.
  • Estrogenic complications – Instead of affecting the Oxymetholone hormone, this aromatase enzyme plays a key role in converting testosterone into estrogen. This Oxymetholone hormone does not comprise progestin that often results in side effects like gynecomastia. Furthermore, high water retention can always make one fall prey to high blood pressure.
  • Androgenic complications – The good thing about Anadrol is that it has minimal androgenicity. Despite, it brings severe side effects to its users. One of these is growing too much hair on the body and also rapid hair loss. This is a big reason why women are not advised to take Anadrol as it also affects their body functioning in diverse ways.
  • Cardiovascular complications – As far as the Oxymetholone hormone is concerned, it does not affect the LDL cholesterol level in the body. However, the HDL cholesterol levels are strongly suppressed by Anadrol. If you are, therefore, already having a high level of cholesterol in your body, it is better not to take Anadrol as the supplement. To stay in the pink of health, a proper diet along with a healthy lifestyle will do wonders.
  • Testosterone complications–Anadrol users have also faced major complications in their testosterone levels just after consumption. A wise strategy is to consider an exogenous testosterone while taking these anabolic steroids. If Anadrol perfectly caters to your body needs, you will not have to worry about choosing the right form of testosterone.
  • Cutting cycle complications–Taking Anadrol means retaining a good deal of water in one’s body. Many users in the cutting cycle have reported having suffered from this aftereffect. Water retention is a big complication and can pose serious problems to your body. Experts always say that Anadrol is meant to bulk up one’s body. So, the cutting cycle, if avoided, would be great for Anadrol users.
  • Liver complications – Needless to say, the liver is such a crucial organ in the human body.Once it starts getting damaged, you will know that life is gradually consuming all your good days. Anadrol can actually take a toll on your liver functioning, provided you take it wrongly. According to studies, it has been found that continuing Anadrol for about 20 weeks can turn the liver highly toxic. So again, it’s a big no to the prolonged use of this anabolic steroid, or otherwise, things would never stay smooth.
  • Other complications – Apart from all the complications stated above, Anadrol can bring on life side effects for users. In fact, these side effects can be so miserable that one can just ruin one’s happiness in no time. As mentioned at the start of this review, Anadrol can make users land up in intolerable headaches, a low feel all the time, rising blood pressure, bloating and what not. When all such side effects will grow with the passage of time, life will seem to be in a great mess. So, it’s always better to make sure that one’s health prospects will take a good turn with Anadrol and not the other way round.

Now, some really good things that Anadrol can bring to its users. Let’s find out:

  • Carries the potential to build huge amounts of muscle mass that makes it one of the most popular steroids in the world
  • Lends so much strength to one’s muscles and that too in quick time that one’s dream of weightlifting will come true
  • Takes very less time to deliver action in one’s body. Some users have said to have got positive results right in the initial week of use
  • Many users have ended up gaining around 20 to 30 lbs within a few days of taking Anadrol
  • Triggers the red blood cells like anything that are extremely essential for building muscles and gaining strength
  • Eliminates joint pain and soothes users during exercises
  • Augments the appetite greatly so as to let one easily gain weight without complications

Despite the good and the bad effects that Anadrol can have on your body, what will always matter is the right dosage. Users in the past and present have come up with both pleasant and unpleasant experiences on the basis of the amount they had consumed. In other words, you just cannot go wrong with the dosage, or otherwise, no one will back you up against your skyrocketing medical bills.

If you are a beginner, start with 25mg. Although there are many who kick off with 50mg, it’s best to take a slow and positive start. Remember, taking higher dosage will never fetch you faster results. So, do not complicate things if you are really willing to grow your muscles in the right manner.

Since the pills usually come in 50mg, simply chop off one into two. Start taking one half at a time and if you do not find any results in the first week, raise it to two. Just keep an eye on how well you are able to adjust your body with the dose. Therefore, hurrying for better results will actually not do. The slower you are with Anadrol, the safer you will be.

On the contrary, if you are struck with high cholesterol levels in your blood or high blood pressure, you must immediately lower the dosage. If possible, seek doctor’s advice and if required, you can then only continue. Well, steroids will make a huge difference in your body only if you can improve your diet and undergo proper training from time to time.

There have also been cases where some users have consumed 75 mg to 100 mg on a daily basis. Experts do not recommend such high dosages as this would probably lead to high risks. Some have even said that they just lost their appetite. So, why let your body undergo unpleasant things where it needs more strength and proper supplement to keep you fit and healthier?

What should be your Anadrol Dosage Cycle?

  • Recommended dose ranging between 25mg and 50mg will have to be followed for 6 days per week
  • Since consuming 50mg may let users gain up to 20lbs in the first month, beginners can slow down with 25mg to stay away from excessive water retention
  • Taking Anadrol more than 8 weeks and that too in a single cycle is not at all safer. If the same dose can be taken on a daily basis, the results would be fair.
  • No fixed instructions for users willing to take 75mg to 100mg as that would first require medical advice.

Is it Safe for Women?

Reality says women and steroids do not usually go hand in hand. Since Anadrol is an anabolic steroid, it brings on the effect of virilization in women. This means that women start losing their feminine traits and gradually acquires masculine features. For being a bulking steroid, it works so fast that women will find it difficult to resist the aftereffects.

Surprisingly, several medical reports have stated that women going for Anadrol 50 have not been much affected by virilization. However, they have encountered other complications like massive hair growth on their legs, deepening of voice, clitoral hypertrophy and even beard growth. However, some women have reported that they have faced lesser aftereffects on taking 25mg every two days. Well, it’s the androgen factor that acts as the major culprit in harming their health. So, taking 25mg initially would lessen the chances of acquiring side effects in comparison to what they would find in taking 50mg.


anadrol faq

Apart from these facts and queries, many users still stay curious to know more and more about the effectiveness of Anadrol. So, here are some basic questions along with their answers that would give you an idea whether to go for this anabolic steroid or not. Have a look:

  1. Are Anadrol and Oxymetholone same?

Although there are various types of steroids, Anadrol is quite famous amongst all, and its chemical name is none other than Oxymetholone. This anabolic steroid is also known by different names like Anadrol 50, A50, A-bombs etc. Originally, Oxymetholone was created to treat people suffering from Anemia so that one experiences an increase in weight and trigger the production of red blood cells. In spite of being popular, Anadrol has certain side effects and it is recommended to go for 25mg dosage.

  1. Are there too many side effects with Anadrol?

A steroid can lead to too many side effects only when it is taken for a long term. In case of Anadrol, experts recommend not to take for too long, or otherwise, health might go the other way round. Although it would be best if taken for 4 to 6 weeks, side effects are still found in a lot of users either due to poor health conditions or getting reactive to internal organs. The side effects that are usually found in people taking Anadrol are:

  • Weight gain at a rapid pace
  • Sleepless nights
  • Intolerable headaches
  • Problems with urination
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Poor appetite
  • Breast getting extended in men

For women, some of the above side effects are applicable along with the following:

  • Drastic fluctuations in sex drive
  • Drastic changes in menstrual periods
  • Abnormal growth of hair
  • Cracking of the voice
  1. Is Anadrol sold legally?

There was a time when Anadrol had their heydays, that is when they were used on an extensive scale to treat physical complications in men. However, it was the year 1980, when the FDA investigated and found that it is harmful to the human body and can be dangerous. Hence, it came to be known as a controlled substance. As per the current scenario, Anadrol is now illegal but is sold at many stores. Some stores, however, prefer selling Anadrol only on being prescribed by doctors.

  1. Can Anadrol be taken during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid taking Anadrol as it leaves a high probability to bring blood-filled cysts in the liver. As a result, pregnant women might suffer from stomach pain, jaundice, massive weight gain in the midsection etc. Moreover, it can do harm to unborn babies and can even cause problems during birth. As per experts, Anadrol can even create fertility issues for both men and women.

  1. Who should not take Anadrol?

 On the one hand where Anadrol is beneficial in helping you build muscles, it can be equally dangerous for people having diabetes. Since it directly triggers the blood sugar level, diabetic patients should stay away from Anadrol. Also, women having chorioamnionitis should avoid taking Anadrol.

  1. Can Anadrol be stacked with other steroids?

One of the reasons why Anadrol cannot be stacked with other steroids is due to its hepatotoxic nature. If stacked with others, Anadrol will first attack the human liver and will take no time to gradually destroy it. So, one can either take it as a single stack or with a supplement that is aimed at protecting the liver. Some users have been found to be taking it with testosterone boosters. Bodybuilders usually do this in order to build stronger muscles.

  1. How safe is it to buy Anadrol online?

Today, buying steroids online is not a big challenge and you can do it from any corner of the world. But while buying Anadrol, you need to be extremely careful. Remember, it is not something that you get to buy every day. Since it falls under the controlled substances, it needs to be checked thoroughly and one needs to find whether it can be shipped without any complication. As mentioned earlier, some stores might get you but most of them might ask you to produce a prescription.

So, you are now confident in deciding whether you would like to give a shot for this popular muscle booster. Judge your health first, identify your dosage, plan a good diet, arrange a training session that seems fruitful, and finally, give a slow start to Anadrol. If you feel fit, continue with it but not for long, and if you don’t, just stop taking it right away.

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