Channing Tatum – Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth & Divorce

Actor, dancer, model, producer and director Channing Tatum was born on April 26, 1980 in Alabama.

he landed his first 20-year contract by becoming one of the main dancers of a video clip of Ricky Martin.

The following year, he began a modeling career by posing for a Vogue issue. He then took part in numerous advertising campaigns before shooting a Pepsi commercial hit.

Noted for his natural charisma and athleticism, Channing Tatum began acting as an actor under Harold Guskin at Dena Levy Acting Studio.

Thus, in 2004, the young actor made his first appearance on television in an episode of the series “Experts: Miami”.

In the cinema, we see him alongside Samuel L. Jackson in “Coach Carter” in 2005, then in “She’s the Man”, “Sexy Dance” and his suite “Sexy Dance 2”. Channing Tatum then integrates the castings of “Fighting” and “Public Enemies”.

He finds himself the same year at the head of the commando “G.I. Joe” for a blockbuster Stephen Sommers. The following year, he changed the register again and donned the armor of Roman centurion Marcus Aquila in search of “The Eagle of the Ninth Legion”.

Channing Tatum

Steven Soderbergh then spots the actor and makes him one of his favorite comedians. Thus, Channing Tatum directed three films under the direction of the filmmaker “Ocean’s Eleven”: the action thriller “Trapped”, the comedy “Magic Mike” and the thriller “Side Effects”.

Channing is distinguished in different genres: the comedy “21 Jump Street”, the romantic drama “I promise you” or the action movie “G.I. Joe: Conspiracy”. Under the direction of Roland Emmerich, he plays a secret agent to protect the president in the action movie “White House Down”. He also made a memorable appearance in the comedy “C’est la fin”, alongside James Franco and Seth Rogen.

He is then recalled to play in the sequel to the detective comedy “21 Jump Street”. Chaining success, Tatum starts 2015 with “Jupiter Ascending”.

After “22 Jump Street”, Channing Tatum is again illustrated in the sequel to another of his must-see films, “Magic Mike”, including the new “Magic Mike XXL”. We’ll meet him in Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated “The Hateful Eight” western and in the comedy “Hail, Caesar! “. At the same time, the actor is shooting in “23 Jump Street”.

What is the name of the celebrity Channing Tatum?

The name of the personality Channing Tatum is Channing. The name, surname or nickname of the star begins with the letter or letters of the alphabet c, t.

What is the real or full name of the celebrity Channing Tatum?

The real or full name of the personality is unknown.

In which city was born the celebrity Channing Tatum?

The birthplace of the Channing Tatum personality is Cullman. .

In which country was the star Channing Tatum born?

Star Channing Tatum was born on the Continent: American – Country: United States.

What is the nationality of the Channing Tatum personality?

Star Channing Tatum is an American citizen.

When was the celebrity Channing Tatum born?

Personality Channing Tatum was born on April 26, 1980, 80s. Birthday: April 26, Month of birth: April, Year of birth: 1980, 80s.

How old is Channing Tatum?

Channing Tatum’s personality is 39 years old.

What is the astrological sign of the zodiac of the celebrity Channing Tatum?

Star Channing Tatum has the astrological sign of the zodiac Taurus.

What is the Chinese astrological sign of Channing Tatum celebrity?

The Channing Tatum star has astrological sign Chinese Monkey.

What is the size of Channing Tatum celebrity?

Star Channing Tatum is 1m85 tall.

What is the color of Channing Tatum’s hair?

The star Channing Tatum with Brown / Chatains hair.

What is the color of the eyes of the celebrity Channing Tatum?

Channing star Tatum with Green eyes.

What are the origins of the Channing Tatum personality?

Star Channing Tatum has origins, Caucasian ancestors.

What is the business / activity of celebrity Channing Tatum?

The job / activity of star Channing Tatum is Actor (Cinema / Theater).

About Him

Full Name Channing Tatum
Height 1.85 m
Weight 89 kg or 196 pounds
Age 39 years
Born April 26, 1980, Cullman, Alabama, United States
Net Worth $50 million
Nationality American 
Spouse Jenna Dewan (m. 2009)
Upcoming Movies Gambit, Free Guy

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