Elizabeth Zaks

Elizabeth Zaks

Elizabeth Zaks is a famous fitness model who is commonly known because of her unique style on Instagram ( Social Media App ). She is 21 years old and from Russia and is currently living in Florida. There is something amazing and special in her which will help her to be more successful further. Elizabeth Zaks always searches for new works and experiences which can help her in future. Hunger for more is the key to success for her and she always go for new challenges and experiences.

Elizabeth Zaks posts her daily day to day routine pictures and videos on Instagram which attracts many people. She posts her workout pictures and videos there. Elizabeth Zaks’ has also posted her bikini modeling portfolios on Instagram.

Elizabeth Zaks is successfully running her website name EZ Fit Guide in which she trains people in various departments which are mentioned in details below.

About Elizabeth Zaks:

Full Name: Elizabeth Zaks
Birth Day:  13 June, 1996
Birth Place:  Florida
Age:  21 Years Old
Birth Sign:  Gemini
Height:  5’6
Weight:  130lbs
Body Measurements:  35’-24’-39’

Social Media Sensation:

Elizabeth Zaks is truly a Social Media Star. She is not only popular on Instagram but also on other social media apps including Youtube. Elizabeth Zaks created her Instagram account in 2013 and started posting daily posts there which caught the attraction of viewers in no time.

Elizabeth Zaks has 517k followers on Instagram till now and her followers are increasing day by day very quickly because of the beauty of her pictures and videos. Elizabeth uploads her work out and fitness videos and other beautiful and sexy pictures of her well toned physique and specially butts on Instagram.

Elizabeth Zaks is also active on Youtube and has more than 150k subscribers there. Elizabeth Zaks’ videos are pretty much loved on Youtube because she mostly shows her viewers fitness tips and guides them to do the same, which results in gaining more views every day. People follow this fitness model so much and she also never fails to astonish them with her pictures and videos.

Elizabeth Zaks maintains both her Instagram and Youtube channel so comprehensively by posting her amazing fitness vlogs and work out tutorials. Because of her mind blowing content, she gets appreciated so much with positive comments and most of them become her fan after watching her work out stuff.

Elizabeth Zaks booty guide

Elizabeth Zaks Way to Fitness World:

Elizabeth Zaks was also as normal as so many of you out there. She always judged herself whenever she looked herself in the mirror and sometimes even starts to cry. While at the age of 18, she put her first step into a gym and started hoping to look like a certain way which she wanted. She took complete care of her diet because it is the most important part to be looked after while working out.

One day, Elizabeth Zaks decided to go to gym with her boyfriend for fun and since that day, her life began to change. As you need time to train yourself properly, this also took her time to get in the size which she wanted but her intense hard work in the gym paid off. She started feeling better and better day by day and more confident than previous and then slowly she started to realize that there is a genuine change in her body.

People always judge everyone with the way they are, same happened with Elizabeth Zaks. In a world full of mistake finders, she accepted every single flaw in her and felt as these are the part of her life. Her confidence started to boost and she started looking herself strong, beautiful and unique from others because everyone has opinions of their own and the fitness techniques can not be the same for everyone.

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Elizabeth Zaks’ most popular content of all time is definitely those videos of her in which she tries a number of different bikinis, showing her fans and followers a home based private fashion show. This video of her has got more than 1.5 millions views from all over the world with many positively appreciated comments.

She feels that this is the beauty of gym that there are tons of options available for you, it is your choice to find your passion and work hard on it because in the end, everyone is working out for their own sake of health and this is what should matter to you only.

elizabeth zaks workout and fitness

Elizabeth Zaks Legs and Glutes Workout:

Elizabeth Zaks has worked so hard on her legs and glutes and also guide others to follow her steps for better results. Here are the moves which Elizabeth Zaks follows in order get the perfect results of training.

Elizabeth Zaks’ legs and glute workout moves are:

  • Squats: 5 sets of 12 reps
  • Glute pull throughs with 5 seconds pause
  • Dumbbell Deadlifts: 4 sets of 12 reps
  • Cable Squat with Frog Walks
  • Glute Kickbacks

Elizabeth Zaks claims that these amazing moves are so beneficial for the ones who want to tighten their butts and build killer glutes. Elizabeth Zaks also finds her passion in lower body workout the most and with it, she has also got a sexy well toned upper body.

Elizabeth Zaks Legs and Glutes Workout

Starting her own Website ( EZ Fit Guide ):

Elizabeth Zaks started her website EZ Fit Guide for a certain purpose, she wanted to make both men and women fall in love with their physiques. Elizabeth Zaks sells her own guide manual of fitness in it. She has not uploaded before and after comparison of people ( like many other websites ) on her website because she claims that she does not want anyone to buy her products by seeing anyone’s transformation, she wants everyone to buy her products because of their self love.

There are currently four guides available on her website. All these products are gym based guides. I will tell you some basic details about them:

  1. EZ Booty Builder:
    In this guide, Elizabeth Zaks has mentioned about the process which she has implemented to reach at this point. This is a 25 paged 6 week guide in which there are details about killer glute building, training, finishers and an index page of exercises with pictures. This product is available for $20
  2. EZ Gainz:
    In this guide, Elizabeth Zaks has mentioned about the process of gaining some weight while focusing mainly on strength and stamina. This is a 6 week guide process of building strong and powerful muscles, their exercises and sets & reps ratio with positive results. This product is available for $30
  3. EZ Fat Burner:
    In this guide, Elizabeth Zaks has mentioned about the process of losing weight / fat and burning calories. This is also a 6 week guide in which most of the exercises are cardio exercises and should be implemented with drop sets and less rest time. This product is available for $30
  4. EZ Bundle:
    Elizabeth Zaks has combined EZ Gainz and EZ Fat Burner guides in a bundle and made it available at a discounted price. This is a good option for those who wants to buy both these products. This product is available for $50

Elizabeth Zaks transformation


Motivating Other for Fitness:

Elizabeth Zaks always motivate others. Whenever she uploads her work out videos on Instagram, she also sometimes guide others as well to do the same way as her in order to build killer glutes like her. Her abs could be easily achievable by most of the people but her glutes are surely some big thing which would not be easy for everyone. Her hard work is seen clearly by having a look at her pictures and videos.

There are few motivational stories of common people available on her website which were inspired by the work out process of Elizabeth Zaks. Through Elizabeth Zaks’ motivation and her Youtube fitness tutorials, many people have found positive results in different aspects of theirs. Therefore, Elizabeth Zaks is surely an inspiration for all her followers.

elizabeth zaks guide

Struggle of Elizabeth Zaks Shows:

Working hard on our body with proper training plans and nutrition can help us achieve our goals in certain areas where our passion is the most. Elizabeth Zaks is passionate about building her lower body the most and that is where she has got success. She has worked hard building her glutes so beautifully that the viewer attracts on the first go.

This social media star has gained popularity in fitness and modeling all over the globe by showcasing her fitness skills. Her recommendations are so beneficial for her followers and people often work out in gym by watching her tutorials from Youtube.

God help those who help others. Same goes with Elizabeth Zaks. She is a genuine champion because of her website in which there are guide manuals available about all the exercises which Elizabeth Zaks has implemented herself to get this mesmerizing body. These guides are also helping people successfully in their chosen path to achieve their desired goals.

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