Empowered Boost Reviews – How it works? [EXPOSED 2020]

Empowered Boost Reviews:

Empowered Boost

The market for testosterone boosters is growing day by day. There are so many products competing on the market that it is very difficult to form your own opinion. This is why we are going to give you our opinion on Empowered Boost, a natural testosterone booster with many benefits, mainly in the area of ​​sexuality. But above all, a little reminder is needed about the role of testosterone on your body.

Testosterone, kesako?

You should know that testosterone performs many functions in men but also in women. Produced mainly by the testes in men and by the ovaries in women, it is the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus that determine the amounts of testosterone produced by the body. Testosterone has an action on libido and sperm to a genesis but also on muscle development and on bone strength. It is therefore essential for your health and for your well-being. You should know that the level of testosterone in your body tends to decrease with age. If you notice symptoms such as:

  • A drop in tone
  • Weak libido
  • Decrease in muscle mass
  • Increasing your fat mass
  • Sleep disturbances
  • A depressed state

So it may be your body that is telling you that you are running out of testosterone. To be sure, do not hesitate to consult your doctor, who can tell you about your testosterone levels using a simple blood test.

Also be aware that there are perfectly natural solutions to increase your testosterone levels. If you feel that these tips are not effective enough for you, then you can supplement your program with a dietary supplement. Prefer them natural, you will take less risk for your health.

What is Empowered Boost?

Empowered Boost is therefore a testosterone booster made from natural ingredients. If it increases your testosterone levels with all the benefits that it can represent, it is more like a libido booster.

This is what the product manufacturer promises:

  • An increase in the quality of erections
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Longer erections
  • More intense orgasms
  • The best satisfaction of the one who shares your bed

So a whole program! The opinions on Empowered Boost are all convergent, so let’s see what justifies such assertions.

Empowered Boost reviews

The Ingredients included in Empowered Boost:

The epimede

Epimedes is a plant that is widely known in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly used to treat problems of sexual dysfunction. It would have virtues:

  • Anticoagulants: it therefore helps to thin the blood and facilitate the arrival of blood in the penis
  • Hypotensive: it slightly reduces blood pressure. Hypertension is a well known factor in erectile dysfunction. Be careful therefore if you suffer from hypotension, prefer to consult a doctor before taking Empowered Boost.
  • Vasodilators: it therefore improves the vascular supply of the penis and thus allows blood to flow more easily into the penis

Studies have been conducted that prove the impact of epimedes on sexual function.

Epimedes has a side effect only with very high doses or long-term use. By respecting the doses prescribed by Empowered Boost, do not worry!

Epimedes is considered the flagship ingredient of the Empowered Boost formula, it is indeed an ingredient with very interesting potential. It is also found in many libido booster formulas and has been used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine to allow men to regain their vigor. Our opinion is that Empowered Boost scores a good point here by including epimedes in its formula.

  • Tongkat ali root

Tongkat ali is a plant found in Southeast Asia. Mostly known in Malaysia, it has a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction, to increase libido and to improve physical performance. Research from both animals and humans seems to suggest that the root of tongkat ali may significantly increase testosterone levels in the body.

Several studies demonstrate that taking tongkat ali can restore satisfactory levels of testosterone and therefore improve the quality of patients’ sexual life.

  • Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a plant from America, commonly used to treat enlarged benign prostate. It would also promote testosterone production at the expense of estrogen production. In addition, saw palmetto provides better prostate health overall.

  • Nettle root

Nettle is a well-known remedy for boosting testosterone levels in the body. In fact, this plant inhibits aromatase, which transforms testosterone into estrogen. Taking nettle therefore increases the testosterone level compared to the estrogen level. Nettle extract also inhibits the process by which testosterone binds with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). This phenomenon results in a decrease in the proportion of free testosterone, which is the only form of testosterone actually usable by the tissues. Nettle will bind to SHBG in place of testosterone and therefore cause an increase in the level of free testosterone in the body.

Empowered Boost pills

What are the side effects of Empowered Boost?

According to the manufacturer, no side effects have been reported to date. Indeed, all opinions seem to converge about Empowered Boost. However, just because a product is made from natural ingredients does not mean it is completely harmless, so be careful.

Take care if you have any health problems. Consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

The product is contraindicated for children, pregnant or lactating women.

Take care to respect the dosages. While most of the ingredients are relatively harmless, an overdose could still cause side effects.

Empowered Boost reviews are all positive and no side effects have been reported to date.

How to take Empowered Boost?

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 pills a day. It is possible to take the 2 pills in the evening at bedtime or to divide the intake by taking one in the morning and the other in the evening. According to many reviews collected on Empowered Boost, the effects can be felt as early as 30 minutes after taking.

It is recommended to make a cure of 3 to 4 months in order to benefit from all the effects of the product.

Empowered Boost reviews:

Our opinion is that Empowered Boost seems to have a lot of positive aspects. Indeed, the formula from traditional medicine is generally the subject of serious scientific studies. If it is at the base a testosterone booster, Empowered Boost seems to be placed especially on the field of sexuality.

Empowered Boost Benefits:

One of the benefits of Empowered Boost is that it improves the health of the corpora cavernosa, a part of the penis that becomes engorged with blood during an erection. Indeed, the epimedes present in the product formula allows better vascularization as well as better blood circulation, which will help to improve the functioning of the penis and especially of the corpora cavernosa. This can actually improve the quality of your erections and orgasms. On this point, our opinion is that Empowered Boost keeps its promises.

Empowered Boost also promises us better sexual health by increasing testosterone levels. Indeed, the combined actions of the tongkat ali root, saw palmetto and nettles can significantly increase testosterone levels in the body. Certainly, satisfactory levels of this hormone will contribute to a more satisfying sex life, but will also contribute to better general health.

The limits of Empowered Boost:

On the other hand, Empowered Boost promises cell regeneration thanks to antioxidants as well as additional energy. There, there is no detail on the “substances” cited on the manufacturer’s site. It is therefore impossible to cross-check the information.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not distribute the complete formula of Empowered Boost. Difficult then to check all the ingredients. However, the ingredients for better penile health and increased testosterone levels are relatively reliable. Many studies conducted on these ingredients prove that their action is very real.

Despite a lack of information on the complete formula of Empowered Boost, the presence of scientifically tested ingredients allows us to affirm that the product can be beneficial in increasing testosterone levels.

The positive points:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • from traditional medicine
  • having been the subject of scientific research

The negative points:

  • The website does not publish the complete Empowered Boost formula or the proportions used
  • The results of the study carried out on Empowered Boost are not available on their website
  • Despite some vague insinuations from the manufacturer, Empowered Boost will not have any impact on the size of your penis

Our recommendation: Stay alert if you have health problems or are currently on treatment.

Where to buy Empowered Boost?

We recommend that you order Empowered Boost only from the manufacturer’s website. So, no bad surprises like counterfeits.


In order to choose the testosterone booster that will best suit your personal case, try to determine the source of your problems. You can easily check your testosterone levels with a blood test. But sexual dysfunction can have multiple origins, both physical and psychological. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your doctor who can guide you.

Our opinion on Empowered Boost is therefore that, despite some vagueness as to the complete composition of the product, the ingredients mentioned seem to be quite reliable in increasing your testosterone levels.

To go further, do not hesitate to consult our opinion on another testosterone booster: Extra Blast (read our opinion). Remember that there are also ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels, including by affecting your diet. If you believe that it will be beneficial for you to take a food supplement in order to increase your testosterone level, be vigilant and check carefully the products which you consume, there are many products of bad quality as well as counterfeits sold on the market . Again, nothing beats the advice of your doctor who can recommend the product that is best for you.

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