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Larry Wheels

Larry is one of the strongest power lifters alive on earth, and the main reason behind such a huge popularity is his age. This 23 years power lifters have defeated thousands of experienced power lifters in this field and grabbed this title. This 23-year-old heavy power lifter has participated in thousands of competitions and he has hardly witnessed any kind of defeat in his professional career. After such an aggressive growth, this young power lifter raised questions among many of the fitness experts and sports journalist for such an aggressive progress. In responding, Larry Wheels has replied that his childhood memory has helped him to achieve such peak situations in life. Larry accepts that he is an extremist. Like any other poor guy in New York City, he was also bullied by his seniors in the school. This made him vowed that he will never remain weak and he will become the strongest person on earth so that nobody can ever bully him. There are very few people on earth who can meet their commitments like Larry, and his nature makes him so much special.

About Him

Full Name: Larry Williams
Weight: 245 – 255lbs (111.1 – 115.7kg)
How tall is larry wheels: 6’1″ (185.5cm)
Larry wheels age: 23
Date of Birth: 3-Dec-94
Nationality: American
Profession: Professional Powerlifter
Larry wheels program: Unknown
is larry wheels natural? yes

larry wheels
Child Hood:

Larry was born in a poor family in New York City. Growing up in a poor neighbourhood is a challenge in New York City and only a few can live a clean life or become something big in their lives. Though Larry defeated all the negativity around him and proved everyone wrong by grabbing the best power lifter title.

Like the other children of the neighbourhood, Larry also grew up seeing poverty, crime and with an unfair life he used to get bullied every other day by the strong neighbours and he decided to reach the creamy layer of the society. Though, Larry had a very minimum supply of resources which was close to nothing. He started training himself with free hand exercises like push ups, pull ups, and chin ups. Slowly he developed good strength and a good physique. Though the only hurdle he was facing was lack of fund as there was nobody to support his dream. Yet his mother was very supportive and she managed her son to get some weight training he built his first weight rack with two 40 pound concrete block and a strong broomstick.

larry wheels childhood

“10 years ago in SXM with my beautiful mom in the Caribbean..” – Larry Wheels

Starting Professional Career:

After finishing his basic qualification he went out to find a job. Even after getting a low paid job, Larry was capable enough to afford a gym membership and he started training himself with proper weights. The environment was completely different, and he managed to train with peers who understood his vision and supported him. He also managed to get a good diet from his job salary and started working on his power lifting skills.

According to Larry Wheels, every person has their own style of working out, and the image of their childhood reflects through their work out schedule. He thinks that his early days have contributed a lot in his journey and as he started his workout with power lifting that is why this style is more prominent in his way of life.

In the year 2017, he officially made his entry into the world of professional power lifting, and he created two world records just after his entry into professional power lifting. This created a huge vibe, and every boy became curious about his new young guy. Unlike other professional power lifters, he started his professional journey at an early age and after that creating two new world records is a very aggressive start or a newcomer. In responding to the question regarding his aggressive style, he modestly replies that his poverty has taught him how to snatch it from the world.

There is no doubt that this talented young person has seen many up and down moments in his life, and that is why he is smoothly making his way through all the hurdles like butter. Though, he has stated that this is just the beginning and he is willing to learn more from the eminent lifters and coaches. He said that in the early days he was not capable enough to afford a coach, but now he can work with the best coaches around the world and he can improve his game. He is willing to take his skills to the next level, and he is here to create history.

Larry Wheels before and after

More about Power Lifting:   

For those who don’t know about power lifting, this is the pure form of weightlifting. In this sport, the participants pick up heavyweight in a certain position and hold it there for a few seconds. The power lifting is all about dealing with the insane amount of loads and maintains the posture. In the bodybuilding, the game is all about showing off the muscles, but the power lifting is a different ball game. That is why the participant has to store a lot of body fat in them in order to get energy during the game session. The best part about power lifting is, it has no season and throughout the year this game can be played.


Larry is an all natural young kid, who has become strong by the pressure of poverty. That is why he can remain humble even after achieving such a huge amount of success in his life. Different sports brands are approaching him to promote their brands and are willing to sponsor him. The person who never had to money to afford a gym membership are now getting offers to work out in the most elite gyms of the New York City and his life has evolved completely. This young man is calm and he is not astonished about his success. Yet he is willing to learn more. This 6’1’’ft tall power lifter weights almost 245 lbs and he is willing to increase his weights so that he can compete with more senior heavy power lifters. His aim is to get considered as the most powerful man on earth, and his every move in his professional career clearly reflects that.  Read Also Julian Michael Smith Fitness.

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