Qimmah Russo

Qimmah Russo

Qimmah Russo is a professional fitness trainer and entrepreneur. She is 24 years old and was born in New York, USA. Qimmah Russo also owns a website named Q-Flex Fitness in which she helps others to build their dream physiques. Not only this, she also aims to bring joy in people’s life. She got popularity in a short span of time by spreading happiness and other motivational and educational facilities to the people.

Qimmah Russo is a joyful lady. She never takes stress and other problematic things and also guides others to stay fit, happy and healthy in their lives. As she was brought up in New York, she belongs to an amazingly in for sports family. Her family is also very much interested in sports and other activities but allowed her to continue this sport in life.

Qimmah Russo’s brother is a pretty good football player while his father played baseball. Not only them but her mother was also quite interested in sports as she was a professional level hockey player. Another reason of her fame is that when she put her first steps in to social media world. Qimma wanted to become an OB-GYN first but with a matter of time, this aim of her changed in to being a full time model.

About Qimmah Russo:

Full Name:  Qimmah Russo
Birth Day: 16th December, 1993
Birth Place:  New York City
Birth Sign:  Sagittarius 
Age:  24 Years Old
Height:  5 foot 4 inches
Nationality / Country:  American / The United States of America
Profession:  Professional Fitness Trainer and Entrepreneur
Ethnicity:  Black

Because of her family’s unconditional love towards sports, Qimmah Russo was also pushed from the very beginning to continue the legacy of their family. Qimmah Russo was selected in the basketball team of her high school as a guard. The college in which Qimmah studied is College of Canyons located in Santa Clarita of California.

Qimmah Russo was an intelligent student of her time and her interest in studies was in sociology and kinesiology but this was not the main aim where she always wanted to go. She aimed to become something else in which she always had interest and later she was connected with RSP Nutrition Company where she helped them in promoting their brand by showcasing her real talent in the modeling side. She featured there in order to promote the needs of healthy health, correct diet or nutrition and being fit. Qimmah Russo also shared her secrets of success of being fit through different means of Electronic media.

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Coming to her beautifully toned and sexy physique, she has got so much attraction in her body that the viewer cannot stop him without seeing this beauty. With it, Qimmah Russo has also shown her talent of modeling in the cover page of many magazines. But the struggle till here is not easy for anyone and was also not easy for Qimmah Russo as she gave her full potential and dedication in order to be what she is right now. She did intense hard work and got the correct knowledge of exercises and trainings and also followed a fully controlled and balanced diet. Controlling diet is the key to getting into shape of your dreams, it is indeed a difficult task to follow a strict diet but Qimmah Russo did it quite comprehensively.

Qimmah Russo

Social Media Sensation:

Qimmah Russo believes that the popularity she has got till now is all because of her step of getting active on the social media. She has got numerous fans and followers on her Instagram and Twitter (Social Media App) account.

Currently, Qimmah Russo has got more than a million followers on her Instagram account. She posts her pictures and videos of work outs and other stunning pictures of her modeling which attracts people very much. Because of her beautiful content, her followers are increasing day by day very rapidly and these people follow the diet plans and work out exercises guided by her. Qimmah Russo also posts about the programs of her websites which are mentioned there in order to encourage people to do more in life.

Qimmah being a motivation and inspiration to all her fans and followers, never fails to inspire them and give them correct life advises. She also calls it like a therapy for everyone.

With Instagram, Qimmah Russo has also got a huge fan following on her Twitter account. She has got more than 15.5k followers there as well. Qimmah tweets about the latest news regarding to her and her website there and other motivational quotes like:

Qimmah Russo workout

“Create something for yourself, everything else is temperory. – Qimmah Russo

Q-Flex Fitness Programs:

Qimmah Russo runs a fitness website in which she offers couple of programs of her which includes Workout / Fitness Program and Diet Program. These programs are available for both male and female separately. There are 2 workout programs available in her website. They are:


This workout program is available for $51. It includes:

– Abdominals, Core

– Buttocks, Back,

– Legs

– Arms

–  Q-Flex Membership Activated

– Intensified Version of All Workouts

– Full Page of Workout Tips

– 12 Exercises per Full Workout

– 6 Exercises per Body Part for Rotation 

– Startup & Cool down Exercises

– Core Strengthening Exercises 

– All Q-Flex Members Receive Guidance along their Journey

– Times, Reps, Weights, Sets Specified, Can all be done at home


This athlete program is available for $65. It Includes:

– Abdominals, Core

– Buttocks, Back,

– Legs

– Arms

–  Q-Flex Membership Activated

– Intensified Version of All Workouts

– All Workouts Are Extremely Intense

– Full Page of Workouts/Must Know Athlete Exercise Terms

– 4 Days a Week of Workout Designed for Athlete

– Includes List of Cardio Exercises for Your 3 Days Off

– Starter & Finisher Cool Down Exercises

– Core Strengthening Exercises 

– All Q-Flex Members Receive Guidance along their Journey

– Times, Reps, Weights, Sets Specified, Gym Required

After Workout Programs, she has diet plans available on it too. These are:


This combo meal plan is available for $89. It includes:

– 5 Day Meal Plan Options

– List of Snack Options for Each Day 

– 6 to 7 Day Intensified Sample Workout 

–  Protein Shake Page with Tips

– Grocery Store List for the Week 

– Q-Flex Membership Activated

– 3 Day Meal Plan Intensive (Strict Eating)/ 2 Meal Options per Day

– 5 Day Sample Workout for Maintenance

– Workouts were designed to Get Quicker Results

– Lists of Substitutes for all Food Categories

– Healthy Food Articles and Advice and More

– All Q-Flex Members receive Guidance along their Journey


This strict meal plan is available for $50. It includes:

– 3 Day a Week Strict Meal Plan Options   

– List of Substitutes for All Food Categories  

– Healthy Food Articles, Tips and Advice. 

–  Strict Food Adjustment for Quicker Results

– Repeat 3 Day STRICT Meal Plan Twice a Week (1 Day Off)

– List of Snack Options 

– Activate Q-Flex Membership

–  All Q-Flex Member Receive Guidance along their Journey


This lean meal plan is also available for $50. It includes:

– 3 Day a Week Meal Plan Options   

– List of Snack Options for Each Day  

– Q-Flex Membership Activated

–  6 Delicious Nutritious Food Options a Day

– Repeat 3 Day Meal Plan Twice a Week (1 Day Off)

– List of Substitutes for All Food Categories  

– Healthy Food Articles, Tips and Advice. 

– All Q-Flex Member Receive Guidance along their Journey

Motivating Others for Fitness:

Qimmah Russo feels that by doing training in the gym makes her feel confident, strong, happy, healthy and free. As she takes the complete care of her health, she encourages everyone to do the same. She believes that dedication is the key to success for everyone, you just need to work hard for a thing to happen in a positive manner. Maintaining intensity is a must for everyone to achieve something big.

Qimmah Russo instagram model

“if you’re ready to work. It starts with two things, the belief that you will achieve your body goals and being ready to give it your all every single time or atleast you’re very BEST! Stay committed. Mental preparation is step one. – Qimmah Russo

Struggle of Qimmah Russo Shows:

The struggle of Qimmah Russo shows that you just need to be dedicated in your aim and work hard for it until you succeed. Never lose hope and always stay concentrated on your desired goal. Qimma Russo first found her interest in her particular field and then worked hard for it to reach where she is right now.

Qimmah Russo loves to help others and it turned out to be “a dream come true” for her as she made her own websites and running it successfully. Following the motivation she got from her family, Qimmah managed to get fame all over the world because of her talent and hard work.

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