Sophie Marceau - Height, Weight, Age, Children & Net Worth

Sophie Marceau – Height, Weight, Age, Children & Net Worth


Sophie Marceau Born November 17, 1966 in Paris, Sophie Maupu, known at the age of 14 for the role of Vic that she embodies in La Boum, will take the name of “Marceau” following the advice of Claude Pinoteau who made her famous in 1980. Since her 16-year-old Sophie Marceau buys a contract worth one million French francs (€ 152,500) from Gaumont to ensure her freedom to choose her films. Regarded by the media as having a “dirty character”, she is however the favorite actress of the French!

Thus, the teenager who marks Europe in the ’80s then gets used to period costumes during the 90’s. It is already found in tight corsets in Chouans! in 1988, then in Queen of France hooded with Mel Gibson in Braveheart in 1995, in The Daughter of d’Artagnan in “cape and sword” mode with Philippe Noiret in 1994, as a prostitute dancer “miss wonderbra” style of the 17th century “in La Marquise and, finally, in Anna Karenine in 1997, still in mounted collars!

Sophie Marceau

Then, suddenly … change of register! As if to say “Look, I also have legs under my long skirts”, the Hippolyta de Songe of a summer night turns into James Bond Girl in The world is not enough in 1999! After which she moved on to the production of Tell Me Love, which won the 2002 Montreal Festival award and La Disparue de Deauville in 2007, with Christophe Lambert, who later became his companion and colleague in The bedside man in 2009.

Practicing a time with singing and painting, she returns to the big screen in 2009 in LOL which harvests 3.6 million admissions in France! The same year, the icon of the French and sex-symbol confronts Monica Bellucci, in the cross portrait Do not look back in 2009, of the director Marina de Van. Character who sinks into dementia when she discovers that her face is that of another, this time Sophie Marceau gives her body to science … fiction!

Replacing Gad Elmaleh in 2011 in the romantic comedy Un bonheur never arrives alone, the actress is a huge success when it was released in 2012. Announced in 2015 in Audrey Estrougo’s Taularde, Sophie Marceau has not finished to score points!

What is the name of the celebrity Sophie Marceau?

The name of the personality Sophie Marceau is Sophie. The name, surname or nickname of the star starts with the letter (s) of the alphabet m, s.

What is the real or full name of the celebrity Sophie Marceau?

The real or full name of Sophie Marceau is Sophie Maupu.

In which city was born the celebrity Sophie Marceau?

The birthplace of personality Sophie Marceau is Paris. – French Region: Ile-de-France – French Department: Paris (75).

In which country was the star Sophie Marceau born?

The star Sophie Marceau was born on the Continent: European – Country: France.

What is the nationality of the Sophie Marceau personality?

The star Sophie Marceau is of French nationality.

When was the celebrity Sophie Marceau born?

Personality Sophie Marceau was born on November 17, 1966, in the 1960s. Birthday: November 17, Birth Month: November, Year of Birth: 1966, The Sixties.

How old is Sophie Marceau?

The personality Sophie Marceau is 52 years old.

What is the astrological sign of the zodiac of the celebrity Sophie Marceau?

Star Sophie Marceau has astrological sign Scorpio zodiac.

What is the Chinese astrological sign of Sophie Marceau?

The star Sophie Marceau has astrological sign Chinese Horse.

How big is the celebrity Sophie Marceau?

The star Sophie Marceau is 1m73.

What is the color of Sophie Marceau’s hair?

The hair color of star Sophie Marceau is unknown.

What is the color of celebrity Sophie Marceau’s eyes?

The color of star Sophie Marceau’s eyes is unknown.

What are the origins of Sophie Marceau’s personality?

The origins, the ancestors of star Sophie Marceau are unknown.

What is the job / activity of celebrity Sophie Marceau?

The job / activity of the star Sophie Marceau is Actress (Cinema / Theater).

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Sophie Marceau Quick Info

Full Name Sophie Marceau
Height 1.73 m
Weight 127.8 lb (58 kg)
Age 52 years Old
Born November 17, 1966, Paris, France
Net Worth $50 Million
Nationality French
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Children Juliette Lemley, Vincent Żuławski

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