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Steph Pacca

Steph Pacca is a professional fitness model and work out trainer. She is 24 years old and is from the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. She is also an entrepreneur who owns a successful website in which she has various products for people. All details regarding it are mentioned down.

Steph Pacca has got some specialization in helping people in different areas of their body. For instance, she does great in helping others for losing their fat or weight, leaning body muscles and maintaining their body fully by providing them with perfect exercises and nutrition which suits their bodies.

Steph Pacca was pretty much active and passionate about maintaining a fit physique since her childhood. As her this sporty passion took her forward in the boxing sport where she competed for five years and also represented her state in athletics for seven years. To advance her career in this field, Steph Pacca took admission in the program of Exercise and Sports Science followed by Exercise Physiology at high school to get all the required information of this field and to achieve her dream physique.

After working hard for her dream, Steph was able to achieve her dream goals of being a professional fitness trainer in the year 2017. She got numerous health and nutrition certificates as a result of helping thousands of people achieving their dream body.

steph pacca fitness model

“Two simple ways to make yourself a whole lot happier, Move your body and Fuel your body. Steph Pacca

About Steph Pacca:

Full Name:  Stephanie Pacca
Birth Day: 9th April, 1993
Birth Place:  Australia
Birth Sign:  Aries
Age:  24 Years old
Weight:  53 – 57 kg
Height:  5’5
Bust:  32”
Hips:  32”
Waist:  23”
Nationality / Country:  Australian
Profession:  Professional Fitness Trainer and Model

Social Media Sensation:

Steph Pacca was also just as normal as many of us out there. Her journey towards here was not so easy at all. She worked hard for it to keep her body this sexy and beautiful. When people started knowing her slowly, she became active on social media app Instagram. Following are the details of her Instagram account.

Steph Pacca has got more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account where she uploads her daily life pictures and videos to keep the interaction with her fans. With it, she has got some mesmerizing photo shoots available there which attracts the sight of the viewer on the first go. She is an inspiration for most of her fans and followers as they follow her to keep their body as same as Steph Pacca.

steph pacca instagram

Steph Pacca’s Website:

Steph Pacca owns a website which is named on her own name “Steph Pacca”. This website is officially powered by Aflete which is an online brand influencer who helps everyone to successfully build their business.

Steph Pacca has got 2 products on her website in which she helps others to reduce the fat from their bodies and lean muscles in a proper way. Following are the information of her products.

  • HIIT 24 by Steph Pacca:

This is a 4 week HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) program in which there are all the necessary details which are required to build an amazing physique. It mainly focuses on trimming your waist down and full body focus is there. Another amazing feature of this product is that all your exercises and workouts can also be tracked easily through the Aflete app.

Steph Pacca feels that if anyone likes the exercise routine of her then it is the best solution of them because all her favorite exercises are included in this product. This product is available for $15.

  • 31 Days Sugar Free by Steph Pacca:

This is a 31 days program in which she has got a strict diet or nutrition plan to be followed by the buyer. Zero Sugar diet and 31 days pre planned proper meal which is designed by Steph Pacca herself. She thinks that if anyone follows the proper diet plan according to it, he / she can reduce body fat and can lose weight quite easily.

There are hundreds or thousands of food items which harm our body and make us complete fat and lazy, in order to prevent from it Steph Pacca has made this diet plan so that anyone who is willing to get into shape can achieve his / her dream. This product is available for $50.

Steph Pacca - Height, Weight, Age, Workout and Fitness Model

“Training is never meant to be easy! The best advice I can give and that I keep giving myself is to have a PLAN! Without structure and a proper training program you can easily fall out of routine and become unmotivated. Steph Pacca

Helping Others:

Steph Pacca always helps others in the gym and motivates them. After seeing her website, it is for sure that she does every possible effort to help her fans and followers by providing the proper workout schedule and nutrition so that they can build their dream physique.

She loves to motivate others by giving them correct advices. Whenever someone asks for help from her, she never ignores them and tells every possible thing to them. Steph Pacca has helped every age of people (most of the people are her clients). She also suggests that hard work is the key to success. One of her motivational quote regarding hard work is:

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. – Steph Pacca

Getting Motivation:

Steph Pacca thinks that it is not necessary always to get the motivation from other athletes. She gets the motivation from her clients as well. After watching them getting success in their desired areas, she feels happiness as she played a helping hand role in allowing them to fulfill their goals.

Not only this, but whenever she feels that there is an improvement in her body as a result of her hard work, she gets motivated by herself too. This improvement allows her to work more and more so that she can get the maximum output of her hard work. Hence, one of the reasons of her regular work out is the positive outcome of her efforts.  

steph pacca instagram model

Workout / Training:

One of the products of Steph Pacca “HIIT” works best in terms of keeping you fit and lean. Steph Pacca also follows this method for herself in order to be a practical demonstration of her product. She also thinks that it is the most well planned method of doing cardio exercises as well as maintaining a sexy physique.

Ploymetrics, which is a form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated stretching, is the most loved exercise in the eyes of Steph Pacca and she enjoys it while lifting heavy weights in order to get the perfect mass on her muscles. She not only does weight lifting herself but also motivates other women to lift weights so that they can also get in perfect shape and physique.

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Steph Pacca tries the exercises herself first and then tells her client do it as every client need different schedule according to their body. The exercise which Steph Pacca does normally is:

  • Step Outs (Each Leg): 20 reps
  • Squat Jumps: 20 reps
  • Pulses: 20 reps
  • Squat Side Kick (Each Leg): 10 reps
  • Double Side Steps Into Squat Jumps (Each Leg): 10 reps
  • Donkey Kicks (Each Leg): 20 reps

Nutrition / Diet Plan:

For a fitness freak, having a proper nutrition plan should be the first and foremost requirement as you are not supposed to eat any kind of junk food which can result to an unwanted fat. In Steph Pacca’s case, this is also the most focused area. She does not eat any kind of junk food and also not suggest anyone to do so.

Steph Pacca follows a very extreme diet for 365 days because she knows that it is the most necessary part of her life if she wants to maintain her beautiful and well toned physique. She is not similar with other athletes as she only takes chicken as a source of meat and have not tried fish or any other meat from the last 8 years because she thinks that red meat is not responded well by her body.

Struggle of Steph Pacca Shows:

Steph Pacca has really worked hard in her life in order to achieve her dreams and goals. Working hard for your goal without fearing from anything proved to be the key for her success. After finding her interest in the fitness industry, Steph Pacca did efforts for getting the correct information in this field so that she can also help other with correct knowledge and wisdom.

After completing her degree in the Fitness field, Steph Pacca worked on her own physique first and made herself a role model for her fans and followers by building an exceptional body. Her story also shows that it is not necessary to be a man only if you want to build your body with heavy weights, women are also not behind anyone and can also workout normally like others.

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