Tia Christofi - Height, Weight, Age, Workout & Instagram

Tia Christofi – Height, Weight, Age, Workout & Instagram

Instagram star and fitness model Tia Christofi has gained a huge popularity because of her heavy workout and  Sexiest body Shape. She trains hard to stay in shape. whose photos of her fashion and her training has garnered her 119k followers on Instagram.


Tia Christofi became the ambassador for gym accessory brand: Ehplabs and Ryderwear.

Family Life

Tia Christofi was born in Australia.

What is the name of the celebrity Tia Christofi?

The personality name of Tia Christofi is Tia. The name, surname or nickname of the star begins with the letter or letters of the alphabet T, C.

In which country was the star Tia Christofi born?

Star Tia Christofi was born on the Country: Australia.

What is the nationality of personality Tia Christofi?

Star Tia Christofi is an Australian citizen.

Tia Christofi

When was celebrity Tia Christofi born?


How old is Tia Christofi?

Personality Tia Christofi is 18 years old.

What is the color of Tia Christofi hair?

Star Tia Christofi Hair Color is Black.

What is the color of the eyes of celebrity Tia Christofi?

Star Tia Christofi with Gray eyes.

What is the business / activity of celebrity Tia Christofi?

Fitness Personality, Model, Digital Influencer & Brand Ambassador.

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