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Virilyn Reviews

Virilyn male enhancement

Getting quality erections is important in a man’s life so that he can have confidence in himself but also be able to thrive in his sex life. These erectile problems are common in men. They can be caused by several different factors: age, healthy lifestyle, stress, loss of self-confidence.

Lack of testosterone is also one of the causes of erection problems. This is why Virilyn dietary supplement aims to boost testosterone levels to promote erections. Considering one of the best pills for strength training, we will study its composition, analyze its effects and detail the dosage and side effects. We will also give a voice to users by synthesizing their opinions.

But is this pill really effective for erectile dysfunction? Find out what these pills consist of, what results are advertised, as well as the dosage of these pills.

Virilyn – What is this pill for?

Erection problems can be the result of several factors and be more common after a certain age. Indeed, with the passing years the production of testosterone tends to decrease.

According to a study, lower testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction are linked, and this is also called andropause. The consequences can be significant, causing depression and reduced cognitive abilities.

But in the life of any man, the testosterone level can be brought to decrease in an occasional or lasting way, thus impacting the sexual capacities. It is then necessary to react before it becomes a problem and a complex for humans.

Virilyn will thus stimulate the production of testosterone, provide a boost of energy and promote blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis, thus allowing better erection.

Before finding out the work and effects of these pills and giving yourself a review of Virilyn, it seems important to understand how Testosterone works for your erections.

The Importance of Testosterone for Erections:

When it comes to getting an erection fast, the mind and the ability to be aroused are important components, but your body will not respond the way you want it to if you do not produce enough testosterone.

This hormone is considered the virility hormone because it is mainly produced by the testes (but not only) and it acts on hair growth, muscle development as well as sexual ability.

From birth to adolescence, it accompanies a young man in his growth and until around 30 years old, it will be sufficiently produced.

But its production subsequently decreases, which is why the muscles become more flabby and getting erections is not as automatic as it once was. As shown in a study by the American Urological Association, testosterone production decreases with age.

Virilyn proposes to compensate for this loss, with a composition which seems healthy, and which would promote the natural production of testosterone.


How does Virilyn work?

Virilyn works on several levels:

  • In order to improve erections, blood must circulate properly in the body and the cavernous bodies of the penis must be able to accommodate the flow of blood. The composition of Virilyn would act on the blood circulation (source).
  • Then, it seems to act at the cellular level on your sex, which has the consequence of intensifying the pleasure felt and the orgasms.

Virilyn is to be consumed in the form of a cure that we detail for you in the dosage section. Now let’s analyze its natural composition and the properties of each of its ingredients.

The Detailed Ingredients of Virilyn:

To fully understand the way it acts on the body, we must take into account the elements that go into its composition:

  1. Epimedium icariin is an ingredient derived from a tropical fruit from the Amazon that is believed to act on 3 elements: sexual potency, blood flow to the penis and testosterone production. Main ingredient of Virilyn, it is as rich as it is healthy for the body.
  2. Tongkat Ali Root is often used in traditional island medicines to limit the effects of andropause and to provide an energy boost to the taker (source).
  3. Nettle root would promote good healing of mini-lesions of the penis (source).
  4. Saw palmetto is used in the composition of Virilyn to provide energy to the user.

What Dosage and What Results for this Food Supplement?

Virilyn recommends a course of several weeks, taking 2 capsules per day. Just swallow them with a full glass of water.

You can also take the supplement about 45 minutes to 1 hour before the act to help.

A box of Virilyn contains 60 capsules. This corresponds approximately to a month of treatment.

Possible Risks and Side Effects of Virilyn:

Virilyn is reported to have no side effects. It is nevertheless important to know the ingredients in its composition in case of allergy. You can also seek advice from a healthcare professional, which is always beneficial in case of self-medication.

This food supplement is, unless otherwise advised by a healthcare professional, contraindicated for minors and patients with cardiovascular problems.

Where to buy Virilyn?

If you were thinking of going to a pharmacy to get it, know that this is not possible. Virilyn can only be found online. You will not need to visit the doctor because it is sold without a prescription.

You should know that food supplements related to sexuality are often the subject of online scams. Unscrupulous companies create fake sites, on which they resell products which they pass off as genuine Virilyn (or other reputable products, also imitated), which poses several concerns:

  • It’s a waste of money
  • There is no control over the quality of the supplement received
  • They are potentially dangerous for your health
  • They will not have any of the positive effects of real Virilyn.

If you want to take advantage of Virilyn, you must therefore order only via the official platform which will send you discreetly your bottles as soon as possible. Plus, this is the only way to take advantage of product discounts, such as bottles currently offered.

Virilyn male enhancement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virilyn:

Like all products designed to improve a man’s sexuality, there are strengths and weaknesses that we list for you below:


  • Better erections
  • More pleasure during intercourse
  • Fast acting with natural ingredients
  • Easy to use


  • Only buy from the official website
  • It should be taken regularly

Virilyn Final Review:

By focusing on natural ingredients, which avoids the side effects of other products, Virilyn aims to combat erectile dysfunction.

By boosting testosterone, giving the user an extra dose of energy and improving the pleasure taken, Virilyn is a complete and natural solution.

The Testimonials and opinions on this supplement are positive, it also allows to better understand the results announced by the product.

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