Comparison and Guide to the 6 Best Penis Pump for Sale 2020

Buying a penis pump is not just a trivial matter. The penis pump is an item for solving erectile problems that men can easily have. It is an element that can deliver majestic results and give you a new sexuality.

The penis pump can be useful for people who suffer from premature ejaculation, certain side effects of prostate surgery, or for people who have erectile dysfunction.

Of course, the best penis pump can simply be used to pump the penis in order to increase the duration of an erection.

In this guide, we will introduce you to different products that we have had for the penis pump test. 6 products have been screened. In addition, you will be provided with a number of tips on how to use it wisely.

Top 6 best penis pump:

No 1 – Automatic pump for men, penis enlargement by PALOQUETH: the quality / price ratio

To achieve a good, effective and lasting erection, you have to find the system that increases the blood flow. Indeed, it is thanks to the latter that it will be possible to have stronger erections with a larger volume and a longer exercise time.


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We really appreciate the presence of a graduation on the transparent cylinder. That is to say, we will be able to visually enjoy the different evolutions for your penis. You will know how long it takes for your member to grow.

To fully enjoy it, you will have 4 different levels of aspiration. This is an important point to have the suction that best meets your needs.

This penis pump is not only used to allow the penis to gain length and volume. It has an LCD display. This allows you to accurately display the pressure that can be had inside the penis pump. This information is essential for solving various problems, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

For serene and risk-free use, it is equipped with a silicone sleeve. Remember to rinse it after each use. A safety valve is present to avoid any possible risk.

The only problem one might have is the diameter of the hole which can be narrow for some profiles …

Overall, we are fully satisfied with this product and can recommend it to you. Apart from its small flaw, it remains a good find.


Easy to use
LCD display

The lessers:

Slightly narrow port

No 2 – electric penis pump for men by shirley: could do better

This penis pump is made by Shirley. This is a fairly average product.

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The choice of materials is relatively correct with a product with a high polymer content. It is non-toxic, odorless, and hygienic.

This pump is above all designed to allow an enlargement of your penis. It is relatively modern since we will find electronic buttons to better control the pressure. As far as the air gap is concerned, there is no problem. On the other hand, our disappointment comes from the moment we want to put air back into the penis pump. It appears that the button is malfunctioning. Based on the comments that have been made on the Internet, we are not alone. You have to perform a manipulation that is not really the one you prefer. The silicone cuff is of good quality and provides a good seal.

The use of the product itself is relatively interesting and easy. Button management is intuitive. We just regret that the button’s function is not performed perfectly as we would like.

The manufacturer assures that by using it regularly, you will achieve better erection efficiency. It will become longer and will be more regular. For this part, it is difficult to provide a reliable answer, because all sexes do not react in the same way to our lifestyles, our food or our daily physical expenses.


Non-toxic and diffuses no odor

The lessers:

Vacuum problem to put air back into the pump

No 3 – Manual penis pump for men by Xinfang: the cheapest

For people who are not completely reassured by electronics and automatic systems, it is necessary to go back to the good old methods which are reliable. Nothing like a good manual device to do this.


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This product is completely manual. There is a quick purge valve that operates easily to release air and give the user peace of mind.

This penis pump has the merit of being efficient and durable. There is no electronic system, which ensures greater durability than its competitive products.

When you activate the pump, you will have a strong flow of blood which will allow you to have a strong erection with a nice girth. You will gain both volume and length. This is your chance to get the size of the penis of your dreams!

The handle of this pump is pleasant to grip. All it takes is two fingers and the other hand can be used to adjust the position of the pump on your penis.

The scale is present inside. You will know exactly what air pressure is being used right now, which helps reassure the user.

We regret the lack of graduation on the transparent cylinder. This could have been very interesting to have a precise indicator to better manage the progression of your penis. It’s always nice to see progress going in the right direction.

The sleeve is made of silicone. It sits well and does not cause irritation to the penis. This is what proves an optimal seal.

This is one of our favorite penis pumps. We recommend it to you.


Great product
Easy to use
Air pressure balance

The lessers:

No graduation on the cylinder

No 4 – Hydromax x30 Extrem Claire by Bathmate: the top of the range

This is the top of the line pump in this guide. Bathmate is famous in this industry. They offer innovative and modern products that every man who cares about his penis size should have.

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This penis pump is specially designed for use underwater. Usually in the tub or in the shower. Hydromax does not work like other products already tested, with the power of air. But well and good with water. The latter has some very interesting attributes that should be used wisely.

The device used required several years of testing and research to provide a reliable, safe and efficient system. The goal is to be able to better manage the solidity of the penis in the long term.

All the materials found in this Bathmate x30 product have undergone various tests to ensure that they pose no risk to the skin on the sex. Thus, they are certified with a secure skin and a latex that does not cause any reaction. In addition, you will find a two-year warranty.

This penis pump is delivered in a particularly complete kit, with the carrying case, a sponge to clean the inside of the pump, towels, a pump in the form of an oval ball to squeeze, cleanser and a towel. In principle, this penis pump is relatively easy to handle.

Overall, despite its penis pump price, which is slightly higher than other products, it is an effective, reliable solution that offers convincing results!


New technology
Complete delivery kit

The lessers:

Nothing to report

No 5 – Automatic rechargeable penis pump by Steerfr: good product

Choosing the best penis pump is not easy. It is always a complex item to choose, as there are so many models. Plus, as the Bathmate has proven, the technologies are not the same.

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This product is designed by Steerfr. It’s a cheap penis pump. Its transparent cylinder is equipped with an LCD screen that allows you to accurately display the air pressure that can be found in the cylinder.

This is a product that will be used to enlarge both length and width of the penis, but that’s not all. It can be of great help for individuals who have premature ejaculation and who suffer from it or those who have erectile dysfunction. These are more numerous than you might think and suffer from this health problem.

The cylinder is transparent. You can easily see the progress of your penis which will take in size. Ideal before taking action, isn’t it? Depending on the result you get, know that it is possible to easily increase the pressure and then lower it again … This is a great way to get the look you are looking for. We regret the lack of graduation to better compare from one moment to another.

The materials of this penis pump are relatively good qualities. We had no apparent physical problem, no allergic reaction. It contains no odor and has passed all the necessary tests to not be a danger to the health of its users.

Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can easily use it in all places, even for men who travel a lot …


Visible penis enlargement
Good materials
Easy to carry

The lessers:

Missing graduation

No 6 – Automatic vacuum penis pump by Xinfang: the benchmark

Xinfang is back for a second product that we tried for this penis pump test. Obviously, our penis pump review is of interest to you since you won’t be trying several.

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This model is present at a decidedly affordable and interesting penis pump price. For less than 35 €, we end up with a good product of good quality.

The manufacturer certifies that by using this penis pump correctly and seriously, it is possible to solve many sexual disorders that affect men, namely premature ejaculation and erectile disorder. This penis pump is able to improve your sexual performance and ensure better orgasms.

Instead of taking expensive tablets, the penis pump is often the better choice. It’s cheaper and the results are there.

The principle of use is relatively simple. Simply place your fully erect penis on the ring and then enter the member into the penis pump. The pump will take effect. According to some figures provided by the manufacturer, the penis could hold such a shape for at least 30 minutes, which makes it possible to take good care of his sweetheart afterwards. To measure the effect of this pump on your penis, be aware that there is a graduation mark. Thus, you will be able to measure the performance several times and see if your penis has grown.

Men won’t risk injuring themselves with a silicone vagina-shaped ring located at the inlet of the pump.

The penis pump can be used anywhere and easily. Thanks to its rechargeable USB socket, you are at peace!

Most :

Can solve sexual problems
Easy to use, no risk of injury possible

The lessers :

Nothing to report

What is a penis pump?

The penis pump is not a sex toy. It is a device used for medical purposes. Although many use it to enlarge the size of the penis, both in length and in its girth, the penis pump was designed to solve quite common health problems. We will find men who are affected by premature ejaculation or individuals who do not necessarily admit it and who have erectile dysfunction. These can be restrictive and cause more or less discomfort within the couple.

The best penis pump often comes across as one of the best products on the market. Depending on the state of health of the male sexes, it turns out that the results provided by the penis pump would be more convincing than drugs and other more drastic solutions, such as surgery or injection of products into the penis ( source).


The operation of the penis pump is not complex. It is based on the vacuum. That is, there is going to be a compression ring that is going to prevent the air from escaping. Thus, the pump is activated and with the absence of air, the blood flow will be set up and allow the penis to gain in size and volume.

Once you have reached the desired size, simply remove the pump and place a ring at the base of the penis to avoid releasing the blood flow. Generally, depending on the man, the length of time that the sex remains proud would be 15 to 20 minutes.

The different types of models:

Penis pumps are available in several forms.

The manual penis pump

We’ve tested one in this guide. It is known by other names such as the juicer pump and the juicer pump. These are devices that we are very familiar with. These are the most common that we know of today.

The water penis pump

This is the top model in this guide. It is a device that will work with the water that is in the shower, the bathtub or elsewhere. It is a pleasant device for the most sensitive of you, because the water will automatically act as a natural lubricant, which can reduce some pain.

The electric penis pump

It is a device that will forget the notion of control. Everything will be based on the sensations a man can experience, and nothing else. You want the pressure level, and the device does the rest.

The vibrating penis pump

It is one of the vibrating devices that will provide interesting solutions since it is possible for men to have pleasure at the same time. This vibrating penis pump is, above all, dedicated to people who have had sexual surgery.

The male masturbator with penis pump

The last system available is the one that will allow men to take pleasure in the male masturbator. If it is equipped with a penis pump, you can have both, for your viewing pleasure!

How to choose well?

Choosing the best penis pump is not easy. With all the variations available on the market, it is not easy to find your way around. We suggest that you do your research on the choice of materials. The better the quality, the greater the chances of having good products.

The choice of the brand will be another essential criterion to take into consideration when selecting the penis pump that suits you and will provide solutions to your sexual concerns.

What are the important criteria before buying?

Buying a penis pump is far from a 2/3 criteria story. There are 7 to analyze:

  • The materials: first, the choice of materials. Between silicone, composite or rubber, you will have the choice. Some subjects are more interesting than others depending on your profile. Plus, good materials usually come at a cost …
  • Comfort: Using the best inexpensive penis pump shouldn’t be an ordeal. Comfort is essential for the proper functioning of the device.
  • The cylinder: this will generally be transparent, but the dimensions of this one are not the same. So, do not forget to take a device that will accommodate the dimensions of your member.
  • The type of penis pump: the penis pump can be available with water or air. What do you prefer ? If you’re the sensitive (or even hypersensitive) type of the foreskin or glans, perhaps orientation to a device with water will be more comfortable.
  • Gaskets and sleeves: essential for good hygiene, these must be easy to remove for cleaning after each use.
  • With or without vibrations: penis pumps can have vibrations. Is it essential for you? This is the case for people coming out of surgery.
  • The penis pump price: there are some at all prices. It’s up to you to choose the device that will best meet your expectations.


People who want a penis pump often have sexual problems. It is not easy to seek advice from loved ones, as social judgment takes over. We understand you. We have written this guide to support you and help you in your quest to feel better sexually.

The reference is the one we recommend first, but the other models are also interesting. The majority of devices that we have tried, electronic, manual, air or water, are good and have few faults.

We can only recommend them to you without hesitation!

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