Extra Blast Reviews – Does it Really works? [UPDATED 2020]

Extra Blast Reviews:

Extra Blast reviews

This is one of many products on the market to boost your testosterone levels. And if this product is so popular, it is that the lack of testosterone is a concern of many men. The natural production of testosterone tends to decrease appreciably with age, with as a consequence, a general drop in tone, a deterioration of the libido, a reduction in muscle mass, etc. This is why many people are looking for a solution to boost their testosterone production, without resorting to steroids with disastrous long-term effects.

The first reflex to adopt to increase your testosterone production is to review your lifestyle in order to identify the reasons for underproduction of testosterone. You can then change your eating habits and lifestyle to naturally increase your testosterone production. However, if you want an extra boost, taking a dietary supplement can help you reach your goals more safely and quickly.

What is Extra Blast?

Extra Blast offers a product made from 100% natural ingredients, which will therefore not have any negative effect on your health in the short or long term. To date, no negative side effects have been reported from taking this product. What makes the difference between Extra Blast and other natural testosterone boosters? No doubt the fact that his recipe is really complete. Extra Blast combines many ingredients allowing an increased production of testosterone. Extra Blast combines the action of 11 ingredients.

Extra Blast 2020

Extra Blast Ingredients:

  • Magnesium

Many people see magnesium as the most effective remedy for fatigue. A study has even shown that 75% of French people do not consume enough magnesium. In addition, in addition to physical activity it has been proven that an additional intake of magnesium effectively increases the production of testosterone.

  • Vitamin D

According to recent studies, insufficient levels of vitamin D would prevent the body from producing a sufficient quantity of testosterone. Some research is still contradictory because there are other studies that have failed to prove a clear correlation between an adequate intake of vitamin D and an increase in testosterone production. But this vitamin remains essential for general well-being, in particular acting on muscle strength, and has no known harmful effects.

  • Boron

Boron is considered to be an aromatase inhibiting element responsible for the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Taking boron would therefore lead to higher levels of testosterone in the body. While research on this subject is still ongoing, the preliminary results are very encouraging.

One may wonder why include vitamin K1 in Extra Blast knowing that there is no study linking this element to testosterone production. The reason for its inclusion in the formula is its action in favor of better absorption of vitamin D which it seems essential for the production of testosterone.

  • Nettle leaf extract

Nettle leaf extracts inhibit aromatase, transforming testosterone into estrogen. Taking this extract would therefore increase the testosterone level compared to the estrogen level. In addition, testosterone tends to bind with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which mechanically reduces the level of free testosterone (the only form used directly by the tissues). Nettle leaf extract can interfere with this process by attaching to SHBG instead of testosterone.

  • D-Aspartic acid

This amino acid is a flagship product of testosterone boosters. Some studies show that supplementation with D-aspartic acid allows a significant increase in testosterone levels in people with deficiency in the production of this hormone. The conclusions of these studies must be put into perspective, additional and more in-depth studies being necessary. But the first conclusions are very encouraging.

Extra Blast includes fenugreek in its formula. It is a plant well known to people seeking to improve their libido. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that the consumption of fenugreek considerably increased the production of testosterone in men and significantly improved the libido in the subjects studied. Studies are still needed to reveal all the benefits of this plant, including its action on the reduction of blood glucose levels or its ability to regulate the liver.

  • Red Ginseng extract

Again, Extra Blast offers a product mainly used to stimulate libido, ginseng being a well known aphrodisiac. It is a plant derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which stimulates blood flow as well as the metabolism of testosterone. In order to benefit from all the benefits of this plant, it will take a few weeks. This ingredient is also a well known tonic and also helps to fight against stress, enemy of testosterone production.

  • Vitamin B6

The effects of vitamin B6 on testosterone production have not been studied in humans yet. That said, it appears that vitamin B6 deficiency is linked to an inability to produce enough testosterone for the body to function properly. Not only does this vitamin appear to play a role in testosterone production, but it also helps you fight fatigue which is a well known factor in testosterone under production.

  • Zinc

The links between zinc and testosterone production are well established. One of the main causes of testosterone deficiency, especially in athletes, is zinc deficiency. In fact, intensive training leads to a consequent elimination of zinc by perspiration. Zinc is an element that inhibits the transformation of testosterone into estrogen, hence its inclusion in the Extra Blast formula. Zinc deficiency can therefore result in underproduction of testosterone and an abnormal increase in the level of estrogen in the body.

  • Bioperine

This element derived from pepper is not directly a testosterone booster. However, it facilitates the assimilation of nutrients through the intestinal wall. This ingredient will therefore allow all the elements of Extra Blast to be assimilated by your body.

Each ingredient is described on the Extra Blast page in their “how it works” section.

Our opinion on Extra Blast:

The numerous opinions concerning Extra Blast available on the web all converge on the same point: this product really works.

The positive points:

  1. The product enjoys an excellent reputation: There are many reviews from satisfied Extra Blast consumers.
  2. 100% natural ingredients: no potentially dangerous chemicals in the Extra Blast formula, each ingredient in the formula poses no risk to your health.
  3. Ingredients under serious scientific study: if some testosterone boosters offer so-called “miracle” formulas, each ingredient included in Extra Blast has been the subject of scientific studies, even if some are only preliminary. Each ingredient was therefore chosen with care.
  4. A complete view of the subject: The Extra Blast formula also increases your vitality and reduces your stress, these elements being essential for increased testosterone production.
  5. One of the most complete formulas: whatever the reasons for your insufficient testosterone production, Extra Blast offers you a solution. If you are having trouble identifying why you are producing a low amount of testosterone, chances are Extra Blast will meet your expectations. Indeed, the many ingredients present in this product cover a very broad spectrum of the reasons leading to a sub optimal production of testosterone.
  6. Competitive prices: offers allow you to order 5 months of Extra Blast for less than 150 €. In addition, delivery is free!
  7. Guarantee satisfied or reimbursed: take no risk!

The negative points:

To find negative reviews on Extra Blast, you really have to look!

  1. The product is only available on the manufacturer’s website.
  2. The chat to ask Extra Blast questions to advisers is only available in English.
  3. At the risk of stating the obvious, Extra Blast is not a miracle product, without a suitable diet and exercise program, your testosterone level may stagnate.

It is recommended to consume 4 capsules of Extra Blast per day (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening) for optimal results. The effects of Extra Blast on your body are not immediate, so it may be worthwhile to order more so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of the product. Delivery is 5-10 business days, and is free worldwide

All opinions concerning Extra Blast converge on this point: Extra Blast is definitely not a scam, but it is not a miracle product. Without a suitable lifestyle, the effects of the product may not be felt. It all depends on your motivation. What is certain is that Extra Blast can give you a real boost in achieving your goals. That said, if you suffer from health problems, do not take a dietary supplement without the supervision of your doctor.

On the market for natural testosterone booster, this product ranks very high. It is particularly suitable for people who have difficulty identifying the reasons for their underproduction of testosterone because it covers many tracks.

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