BioGrowth Reviews – (Biogrowth Male Enhancement) Really Works?

BioGrowth Reviews

BioGrowth reviews

Weak Libido? Difficulty with potency? Ejaculation too soon? Penis size too small? All of these men’s problems are supposed to be eliminated with the potency capsules called BioGrowth.

The manufacturer promises a whole range of good effects on the body, but there is a promotional video from the provider on the Internet that seems suspicious to us. The manufacturer blames the German government for ensuring that the ingredient in its capsules (BioGrowth) is not known. What exactly is it all about? What’s really in the capsules? Is it a miracle cure or another rip-off product?

What is BioGrowth?

BioGrowth is a dietary supplement. It is a sexual enhancer in capsule form for men. According to the manufacturer, the active ingredient is supposed to promote pleasure, improve erection and make the penis grow. But the promise of action should not only improve sex life, but also have other positive effects on the body.

The manufacturer promises the following effects if the capsules are taken regularly:

  • Optimized testosterone levels
  • Increase in fertility and sexual desire
  • Improvement of spermatogenesis
  • Elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • Enlargement of the limb

BioGrowth experiences FAKE?

However, we have to seriously question this promise, because in our research we find that the manufacturer of BioGrowth Male Enhancement works with dubious sales methods. On the manufacturer’s website there is only a very poorly made video, which hardly provides any information about the product. In return, consumers get a lot of promotional talk without real information.

During our research we discover a field report on the Internet. A test was carried out on Manfred’s blog. Alleged blogger Manfred reports that he was single for many years. But with BioGrowth he became a successful womanizer. The tester raves about the sexual enhancer and its excellent mode of action. But we have to state that this report is a fake. We find the man pictured on the web again. It is a stock photo that can be downloaded.

Biogrowth Male Enhancement

Is there an effective alternative?

In our further research, dubious sales methods have also emerged. Since we only want to recommend effective products to our readers, we started looking for an alternative solution to BioGrowth.

BioGrowth manufacturer distances itself from fraud

On our further research we find a report from the manufacturer Health Pharm TM. There the company strongly rejects the allegations that BioGrowth is a rip-off product. This is fake news, which is only intended to deter consumers from buying the capsules. It is an outrageous mesh of review portals that want to prevent the product from being sold well.

However, we also found that the manufacturer is using dubious sales tricks such as falsified experience reports.

Are there any real BioGrowth experiences?

Despite our research, we cannot find any authentic testimonials from real customers. That seems dubious to us, because normally there are always consumers on the Internet who exchange information about all possible products and how they work. This does not appear to be the case with BioGrowth.

More Dubious Sales Methods

On the manufacturer’s website we can find information and notes that BioGrowth has already been reported several times. Newspapers and magazines such as Bild, Playboy, Men’s Health, Der Spiegel and Stern wrote about the product and how it works.

However, during our research we cannot find any evidence, sources or other links about the supposed publications about the capsules in the media mentioned. These messages seem to have been invented by the manufacturer so that his product stands in a better light.

BioGrowth Ingredients:

In the promotional video, the manufacturer makes it very exciting when it comes to the ingredients of BioGrowth. The federal government would prevent the substance from becoming known. This message from the manufacturer seems very strange to us and makes us doubt the seriousness of the manufacturer and its product.

The provider mentions that other substances would rather be sold that would also have side effects. It is an allusion to the pharmaceutical industry. At the end of the video, the consumer is then informed that the Lepidium Maca plant is the main active ingredient in the preparation. What other ingredients are in the capsules is not revealed.

BioGrowth Male Enhancement Dosage:

The manufacturer leaves the consumer in the dark about the intake and dosage of the capsules. However, it is mentioned in the promotional video that there are 60 capsules in a can and that this represents a monthly supply. We assume that two BioGrowth Male Enhancement capsules should be taken daily.

However, we do not find any information as to whether the potency capsules should be swallowed in the morning and evening or all at once. The consumer is also not told whether he should take the capsules before meals or before or after meals.

BioGrowth any Sidde Efccts?

We cannot find any information on possible side effects on the manufacturer’s website. However, every consumer should be aware that there can always be side effects and undesirable side effects if the user shows intolerance to one or more ingredients. However, this is difficult to assess when taking BioGrowth, because the manufacturer does not provide any information on the ingredients. Besides the fact that it contains maca, it leaves customers in the dark.

Where can I buy BioGrowth Male Enhancement?

At first glance, it seems as if you can only order the BioGrowth online directly from the manufacturer’s website. The product is not listed in drug stores or online shops such as Amazon and eBay. The capsules are also not available in pharmacies. In fact, the customer can only order on the official website.

BioGrowth reviews

Frequently Asked Questions:

Since we cannot go into everything in detail, we have answered some questions below. These were the most frequently asked questions about BioGrowth. If your question is not there, please feel free to write to us. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Our Rating:

We are skeptical about BioGrowth. The manufacturer does not give consumers sufficient information about ingredients and possible side effects. In addition, we cannot find out who is actually behind “Health Pharm TM”. It looks like this company doesn’t even exist.

Due to a lack of authentic experience reports from neutral customers and a fake test report, we advise against buying the BioGrowth Male Enhancement capsules.


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