Virilitrex Reviews 2020 – Is It Worth Your Money? (Update 2020)

Virilitrex Reviews


Virilitrex is advertised on the internet as the best sexual enhancer in the world. Not only the quick effect, but also the active ingredients contained are supposed to have a lasting effect on the sex life of many men. Because problems with potency are becoming a kind of widespread disease in our time.

However, we wanted to know more precisely and have dealt more intensively with this sexual enhancer. You can read our experiences with Virilitrex in the following article.

What is Virilitrex?

Virilitrex is an over-the-counter sexual enhancer in capsule form, which is said to have a positive effect on the penis and libido after the first dose. By taking the preparation, the blood circulation is influenced sustainably, so that erections are easier to develop and to be maintained.

In addition, the erectile tissue of the glans also supposedly enlarges, which improves sensitivity. Furthermore, the improved blood circulation should also lead to an enlargement of the penis. In this way, the sex life of the users should improve sustainably in a positive way.

The first results should be visible and noticeable already two hours after the first use of Virilitrex. The manufacturer states that the longer the capsules are taken, the more effective they can be. How long the capsules should be taken is not mentioned.

How Does It Work?

The main aim of taking Virilitrex capsules is to enlarge the erectile tissue. The manufacturer justifies this with the improved blood circulation. In this way, sexual sensations should be better perceived and erections should be held longer.

Due to the special active ingredients, there is an increase in the testosterone level, which supposedly can prolong the sexual act. Erection readiness and libido are kept at a high level. In addition, the penis should change in size.

The manufacturer’s promises sound promising. We carried out a Virilitrex test accordingly. Unfortunately, we could not find any improvement in potency or erectile function in any of our test subjects. The penis size hadn’t changed in any way either.


Virilitrex Pills used for?

On the sales side, Virilitrex is advertised as a unique sexual enhancer. The ingestion is said to increase potency, libido and testosterone levels. At the same time, the penis should enlarge by taking the capsules. Accordingly, this preparation is intended for men with potency problems who also want to change the size of their penis at the same time.

Virilitrex Contains Natural Ingredients:

The manufacturer advertises the capsules with the fact that they contain various active ingredients. These are said to have a positive effect on the male organism. The following ingredients are used as Virilitrex:

  • Acetylcysteine
  • Zinc gluconate
  • Sodium selenite
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B6 HCL pyridoxine
  • Magnesium Bisglycinate


Acetylcysteine: Produces natural glutathione for the reconstruction and formation of muscle proteins. In this way, the growth of the penis should be positively influenced by the Virilitrex capsules.

Zinc Gluconate: Responsible for the production of testosterone and therefore necessary for the sex drive. Zinc gluconate is said to improve libido after ingestion.

Sodium selenite: primarily regulates the hormonal balance and ensures sexual performance. Men can have more and longer sex again.

Vitamin D3: increases testosterone levels while reducing the risk of prostate cancer. The testosterone level is crucial for the development and maintenance of erections.

Vitamin B6 HCL Pyridoxine: Reduces tiredness and lifts your mood. The users feel more alert and have more desire for sex.

Magnesium Bisglycinate: Has a positive effect on the prostate and supports the functioning of the muscles.

However, it cannot be ruled out that there are not other ingredients in the capsules that are not declared as such by the manufacturer. Especially since there are contradicting statements regarding the active ingredients.

The manufacturer speaks once of six active ingredients and another time of seven active ingredients. However, we could only find information on the six ingredients mentioned on the sales page. Since the capsules are coated with gelatin, vegetarians and vegans cannot take this preparation.

Are there official tests and studies?

Official tests and studies are always very important, especially in the field of medical devices. In this way, users can be sure that the ingredients and effects have been carefully examined and confirmed. Without official tests and studies, it is always a non-approved product.

On the sales page for Virilitrex there are statements that the capsules have already been tested in terms of effectiveness and ingredients. However, these statements are not supported by corresponding evidence on the part of the manufacturer. Even during our further research, we could not find any information that the capsules had already been examined in an official test or study.

Virilitrex Usage And Dosage:

In the case of sexual enhancers in particular, the intake and dosage are crucial for the expected results. Some sexual enhancers are taken daily, while others are only taken when needed or before the planned sexual intercourse.

On the website of the manufacturer there is no information about the Virilitrex intake and dosage. We assume that one capsule should be taken with sufficient liquid per day. In addition, there is no information as to whether an additional capsule should be taken before sexual intercourse in order to increase the effect.

Who should refrain from taking it?

The manufacturer repeatedly emphasizes that the capsules contain only purely natural ingredients. Accordingly, every man should be able to take this preparation. However, natural remedies can also cause side effects.

You should not take Virilitrex if you suffer from an allergy or intolerance to one or more of its ingredients. In this case, you should consult a doctor before taking it.

Virilitrex Side Effects

According to the manufacturer, no Virilitrex side effects are known. Since the capsules consist of 100% natural active ingredients, undesirable side effects should be excluded. However, allergic reactions or intolerance symptoms can always occur.

This cannot be ruled out even with purely natural preparations. In addition, some users on the Internet report side effects in the form of stomach problems that occurred after taking the capsules.

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

Stiftung Warentest has tested various preparations to improve potency several times in the past and rated them accordingly. During our research, however, we could not find any information that Virilitrex had already been tested and rated by the independent consumer portal.

Accordingly, we assume that no independent institute has yet subjected this sexual enhancer to a detailed test. Thus, the ingredients and effects have not yet been confirmed.

Where Can I Buy Virilitrex?

The only way to buy Virilitrex is through the manufacturer’s official sales page. The sexual enhancer is only offered for this. Neither trading platforms such as eBay and Amazon carry the product in their range, nor can the capsules be purchased in pharmacies or online pharmacies. In our research, we also didn’t find any other online stores that sell this preparation.



Potency problems are no longer uncommon these days. More and more younger men suffer from reduced potency or erectile function. These problems can be solved with a suitable preparation. You can find out whether Virilitrex is a suitable product from the following questions and answers. In these we have summarized all the important information about the capsules for you.


Quick action is required for potency problems. Because the lack of potency often leads to a reduction in self-esteem in the affected men. Numerous sexual enhancers on the Internet promise a great effect. But unfortunately the reality is different. Because most of these preparations are only used to rip off. This is also the case with Virilitrex. The manufacturer provides little information about the product, but mainly about the intake and dosage.

In addition, it is not clear to the customer who is the manufacturer or supplier of this sexual enhancer. The ordering process also seems extremely dubious to us. Once again, customers have to enter personal data here and register in the webshop in this way. The customers do not receive any further information on this registration. So it is not clear what happens to the data.

In our test we could not find any effect of the capsules. For this reason we would like to advise our readers against buying this sexual enhancer and classify Virilitrex as ineffective.

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