ViriMax Male Enhancement – How it Works? Reviews and Facts (2020)

ViriMax Reviews


ViriMax is said to be the ultimate solution to get erectile dysfunction problems and erectile dysfunction under control. Because these are still a taboo subject in the male world. More and more men suffer from the loss of virility and the associated decrease in self-esteem. We wanted to know more about it and have subjected ViriMax to a detailed investigation.

What is ViriMax Pills?

The manufacturer advertises ViriMax as an effective and best-performing sexual enhancer. Purely natural ingredients are used in production. Thus, not only should side effects be excluded, but it can also be taken by any man. With the help of the capsules, the erection should improve and last up to three hours.

In addition, the ingredients in ViriMax also ensure a balance of the hormonal balance and a reduction in inflammatory changes in the prostate gland. The manufacturer also promises that the testosterone level and blood circulation in the male member will increase by taking the preparation. According to the manufacturer’s promise, the effect should already set in after 30 – 60 minutes and then last for a maximum of three hours.

We tested ViriMax for 30 days

In order to be able to present you only the most important facts, we keep this section as short as possible. In order to be able to check the statements of the manufacturer, we decided to do a ViriMax test with a volunteer test person. Our tester is Lorenz, 51 years old. He has been suffering from increasing potency problems for a long time, which he attributes to his age. The relationship with his wife in particular suffers enormously from the change.

  • Day 1: On the first day of our self-test, Lorenz came to our practice. We discussed the exact problems again and wanted to find out what improvements he was hoping for by taking it. At the end we went through the exact process of the ViriMax test. Our test subject should take 2 capsules a day, about 1 hour before the planned sexual intercourse.
  • Day 15: The first check-up took place after 14 days. We were curious to see what changes our test subject was able to report. Lorenz stated that it was much easier to get an erection. His feelings also slowly increased, which made sex more enjoyable. He did not find the intake bothersome and he had tolerated the capsules well.
  • Day 30: On the last day of our ViriMax test, we met again in our practice for a final examination. Our test subject stated that a significant improvement could be achieved in the last few days. His erection had increased again, which turned his sex life 90 degrees. He was enthusiastic about the effect and would like to continue taking the capsules.

Neither our test subject nor we expected such a positive result. We would like to point out that the effects of preparations can vary from person to person. Due to the good tolerance and the result of the test, we can only say positive things about the sexual enhancer.

ViriMax reviews

Who is ViriMax intended for?

The manufacturer advertises on its sales page with the statements that taking ViriMax significantly improves the sex life of men. This should improve the erection and last longer. According to the manufacturer, the testosterone level is also increased. Accordingly, men are specifically addressed who have problems with their own potency and want to perform better in bed.

Official Tests and Studies:

During our research we could not find any evidence of tests or studies that had already been carried out with the sexual enhancer ViriMax. However, since the capsules are a natural preparation, no official tests are necessary for approval.

ViriMax Dosage:

With regard to the ViriMax intake and dosage, there is very detailed information from the manufacturer. Take two capsules with sufficient liquid about 1 hour before sexual activity. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

However, according to the manufacturer, regular use is crucial in order to achieve optimal results. Regular consumption should lead to a significant increase in potency and normalized sexual function. In order to improve erection and potency in the long term, we recommend taking ViriMax over a period of at least 21 days.

What Result can be expected?

First and foremost, the ViriMax effect relates to potency. Harder and longer lasting erections are possible after ingestion. It also improves the sensitivity of the male member. In order to achieve long-term success and to fully exploit the effects of the capsules, the manufacturer recommends an intake period of at least 21 days.

ViriMax ingredients are:

According to the manufacturer, all-natural active ingredients are used in the preparation. In this way, the agent should be well tolerated and undesirable side effects should not be expected. So as ViriMax ingredients are:

  1. Maca extract
  2. L-cirtrulline
  3. L-arginine
  4. Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris
  5. Yohimbine


  • Maca: Maca has been considered a true miracle of potency for many centuries. Above all, this plant has an effective effect on the hormonal balance and is accordingly often used for potency problems.
  • L-arginine: This is a vascularly active amino acid with numerous physiological effects on the cardiovascular system. This also increases the production of nitric oxide and supports the blood circulation in the vessels. This in turn leads to an improved erection. The ViriMax ingredients are optimally supported by the L-arginine.
  • L-Cirtrullin: Provides better blood circulation. In particular, potency problems that have a purely physical cause can be treated in this way. In addition, a messenger substance can be released in this way. This messenger substance smooths the muscles around the penis. This way the blood can flow through better.
  • Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris: The active ingredient from the plants promotes the production of testosterone and increases the sex drive.
  • Yohimbine: The ingredient yohimbine contained in ViriMax is obtained from the yohimbe tree and promotes blood circulation in a psychoactive way. At the same time, the blood pressure is lowered.

Are there any side effects?

There is no information from the manufacturer regarding possible ViriMax side effects. This is due to the purely natural ingredients. Our test subject had tolerated the capsules well during the entire test period. And users also report that the preparation is well tolerated.

In principle, however, hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to one or more active ingredients are not impossible. So if you know that you are allergic to one of the ViriMax ingredients or react sensitively, we advise against taking it.

Where to buy ViriMax Male Enhancement?

You cannot buy ViriMax in pharmacies or online pharmacies. The capsules are also not offered on trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon. According to our research, this preparation is not offered in drugstore stores such as dm or Rossmann.

If you want to buy ViriMax, you can only do so through the manufacturer’s sales page and selected online stores. We placed our order through the online shop Baaboo, from which we can only report positive things. The ordering process was easy and the delivery took place within a few days in perfect condition.


Frequently Asked Questions

Potency problems are still a big topic today that many men are ashamed of. Out of shame, they also shy away from going to the doctor to get a prescription for an appropriate drug. You can decide for yourself whether ViriMax is the right means to get your own problems with potency under control based on the following questions and answers.

ViriMax Pills Conclusion

Potency problems are still associated with a lot of shame. Many men shy away from going to a doctor and getting a prescription for an appropriate remedy for erectile dysfunction. Instead, those affected try to find help on the Internet.

Providers shamelessly exploit the situation of those affected by selling ineffective products with promising statements. For this reason we were particularly skeptical of ViriMax at the beginning of our research. However, our self-test and numerous real customer opinions on the Internet speak a very clear language: The capsules help effectively with potency problems and are also free of side effects.

Based on our research and the related customer opinions from the Internet, we consider this sexual enhancer effective and can advise our readers to buy the ViriMax capsules with a clear conscience.

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